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Joint Base Andrews is located in Prince George County, Maryland. The base is known for serving as the home for two Boeing VC-25A aircraft.  These aircraft have the call sign “Air Force One” when the President of the United States is on board. The 11th Wing is the host unit at Andrews, and is responsible for maintaining emergency reaction rotary-wing airlift and other National Capital Region contingency response capabilities. This is critical for organizing, training, and deploying prepared forces for Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEFs), as well as for national security.

The Military Defense Attorneys at JAG Defense have represented countless military members at JB Andrews. Your future will depend upon how effectively your lawyer can represent you. Whether in courts-martial, discharge boards, or other matters, our military lawyers have experience representing members at JB Andrews. If you are facing military disciplinary action, we encourage you to call our JB Andrews military lawyers for a free consultation.

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