Marine Avoids Lengthy Confinement Time and Sex Offender Registration

A Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps was initially charged with eight (8) specifications of child pornography possession, distribution,  and viewing.  Later, the USMC charged him with five (5) specifications of Sexual Abuse of a Child and one (1) specification of Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Child.  All together, the charges against our client carried the possibility of almost 200 years of confinement.  At the Article 32 hearing, our cross-examination of the NCIS agent demonstrated the weakness of the government’s case on the child pornography charges.  Using that as leverage, we negotiated a plea agreement with the government where our client accepted responsibility for Abusive Sexual Contact with a minor (for sending sexually explicit texts and emails).  In exchange, the government agreed to Withdraw and Dismiss With Prejudice all remaining charges against our client.  He was sentenced to “time served” and released from confinement that day.  While he did receive a punitive discharge, he will not have register as a sex offender in his home state.