Officer Member Panel Finds Air Force E-7 Not Guilty of All Sexual Assault Charges

Air Force E-7 was charged in 2004 with raping an Army E-3 while both were TDY to Germany. Due to our representation at his General Court-Martial, he was found NOT GUILTY of the charge against him (additional details below). In 2007, the same client was charged with indecently assaulting and attempting to commit forcible sodomy with an Air Force E-4 while TDY to Turkey. At his second General Court-Martial, the military judge permitted the previous alleged victim to testify again regarding the alleged rape from 2004. In addition, the military judge also permitted a former Air Force E-3 to testify that our client had indecently assaulted her in 1990 while TDY to Oman. Despite the apparent pattern of sexual assaults in TDY environments, we were still able to convince the officer member panel that our client was NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES against him.