Changes in lifestyle result in client’s ability to mitigate serious past behavior actions

WEST COAST:  Client Federal Government civilian employee within the Department of Defense, was issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) and Statement of Reasons (SOR) under Adjudicative Guidelines E – Personal Conduct, M – Use of Information Technology
Systems, F – Financial Considerations as the result of alleged deliberate omissions in the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF86)/eQIP, previous issuance of an LOI/SOR, emails discovered on the government-provided computer/email concerning an adulterous affair, as well as visiting unauthorized gambling/sports betting websites and making bets and wagers through the government-provided computer, and pornographic files contained on the computer; and because the client has had a history of not meeting financial obligations going back approximately 20 years to include two Chapter 7 Bankruptcies, with the last one being within the last 4 years.  After presentation of a detailed response denying certain allegations, while admitting to and mitigating others, the Central Adjudication Facility granted the clearance without the necessity of a Personal Appearance.