Homosexual Sexual Assault Charges Withdrawn and Dismissed for Coast Guard E-6

Coast Guard E-6 was charged with homosexually assaulting and stalking 2 subordinate petty officers on numerous occasions. He was also charged with breaking into one of the petty officer’s homes and assaulting him. While that investigation was pending, our client engaged in separate misconduct, to include shoving and cursing a warrant officer and punching another petty officer after a day of prolonged drinking. Our client was facing a dishonorable discharge, confinement for life, and would have had to register as a sex offender. At the Article 32 hearing, our aggressive cross-examination of the alleged sexual assault victims highlighted significant credibility problems. As a result, in exchange for guilty pleas to the subsequent misconduct, we convinced the command to WITHDRAW AND DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE all sex allegations. At our client’s court-martial, we litigated four remaining allegations, including housebreaking and assault. Our client was found NOT GUILTY of the remaining allegations. Based upon his guilty pleas, he was sentenced to only 30 days confinement and NO DISCHARGE.