JAG Defense Successful with Reapplication after Denial Package

EUROPE – Client active duty military service member was previously denied a security clearance by his service’s Central Adjudication Facility based upon unmitigated concerns involving Adjudicative Guidelines: B – Foreign Influence, E – Personal Conduct, F – Financial Considerations, G – Alcohol Consumption, H – Drug Involvement, and J – Criminal Conduct.  The specific allegations included:  multiple traffic violations, alcohol-related offenses, Assault/Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage to Property, Several Failures to Appear at Court, deliberate misrepresentations on the SF86, and over $25,000 in bad debts listed in a four-page Statement of Reasons.  Without a clearance being granted, client would have been unable to complete the necessary years of service to qualify for a retirement.  Working with client we were able to submit a reapplication after denial package mitigating all concerns and the client was granted the clearance.