Defense Contract Employee Cleared from Alcohol Related Offenses

MIDDLE ATLANTIC – Applicant employee of Defense Contractor previously had clearance denied based upon Criterion (predecessor to Guidelines) G – Excessive alcohol consumption due to consuming alcohol to excess and to the point of intoxication over an approximate 9 year period; Violation of Open Container law and Speeding; DUI on several occasions; Drinking in Public and Violation of Open Container law; Drunk in Public; Disturbing the Peace; and, continuing to consume alcohol on a weekly basis. Several years after that denial, client again applied for a clearance and was again issued a Statement of Reasons involving now Guideline G – Excessive alcohol consumption due to previous denial and continuing to drink to excess. After working with client and being able to demonstrate that alcohol abuse was not recent; in coordination with DOHA Department Counsel we were able to have the reapplication resolved FOR THE APPLICANT and his clearance was granted without the necessity of a hearing.