Security Clearance Continued for Client after ATF Investigation

MIDDLE ATLANTIC – Client government employee of the Department of Homeland Security was issued a notice of intent to revoke clearance under Adjudicative Guidelines: E – Personal Conduct, G – Alcohol Consumption, and J -Criminal Conduct, based upon allegations of illegal behavior, association with known criminals, and use of alcohol. Questionable conduct concerns were raised as a result of an investigation by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) for trafficking of illegal arms which disclosed that two close acquaintances were convicted of gun-related offenses and that client participated in swapping out a registered for an unregistered weapon, disposal of the unregistered weapon. The acquaintances were also involved in other offenses related to weapons about which the client had no personal involvement. Additionally, the client consumed alcohol and then misrepresented himself as a police officer in an effort to preclude vandalism of a public place, which resulted in a requirement to complete an alcohol/substance abuse program over several months as a result of frequent excessive consumption of alcohol. After presenting a written response to the allegations the Chief Security Officer sustained the continuation of the client’s security clearance.