Navy Sailor Received Additional Pre-trial Confinement Credit

A Navy Sailor was charged with assaulting a female Senior Chief with the intent to commit rape as she slept in Female CPO Berthing on their ship. Upon apprehension, the Sailor was immediately placed into pre-trial confinement where he remained until trial. After extensive pre-trial negotiations, we secured a pre-trial agreement wherein the Convening Authority agreed to dismiss the charge of assault with the intent to commit rape in return for a plea of guilty to a lesser included offense. At the court-martial, we argued that our client’s time spent in pre-trial confinement was unusually harsh and warranted additional pre-trial confinement credit. The military judge agreed with us and awarded 2 for 1 credit for each day our client was confined prior to trial. As a result of the judge’s ruling, our client was released from confinement immediately following his court-martial.