No Misconduct Finding for Naval Officer

22 year Naval Officer was taken to a Board of Inquiry for allegations including fraud against the government (Art 132, UCMJ), failure to obey a general order or regulation (Art 92, UCMJ), conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (Art 133, UCMJ), and numerous allegations of substandard duty performance.  At his Board of Inquiry, JAG Defense vigorously defended our client against all allegations by attacking the sufficiency of the investigation, impeaching the objectivity and motives of the Commodore who ordered the investigation and Board of Inquiry, presenting conclusive proof of our client’s innocence, and calling a virtual parade of fellow officers to testify to our client’s outstanding officership, integrity, and military character.  Result: The O-6 board members deliberated for only 5 minutes before returning a finding of NO MISCONDUCT on all charges, and RETAINED our client in the U.S. Navy.