Navy E-5 Retained Despite Admitted Drug Possession On Board His Ship

Navy E-5 was discovered in possession of 2 different types of steroids on board a deployed ship, and subsequently admitted to his drug possession. Pursuant to the Navy’s “Zero Tolerance” policy, his command sent his case to an administrative separation board, where he faced the possibility of being discharged with a characterization of Other Than Honorable (OTH). Client contacted our firm after speaking with another civilian lawyer, who declined to accept his case, stating that there was nothing he could do to help. After speaking with the client, we agreed to take his case. At his subsequent administrative separation board, we convinced the member panel to vote 3-0 in favor of retention. Because it was a “mandatory processing” drug case, the case needed approval from BUPERS for retention, which we sought and obtained. RESULT: After being advised by another civilian attorney that his case was hopeless, our client was RETAINED in the U.S. Navy.