Navy Lieutenant Cleared of Misconduct, Retained at Board of Inquiry

Our client, a Navy O-3, went TAD to Ghana.  Following the trip, one of his disgruntled Sailors started circulating rumors that our client engaged in repeated sexual activities with Ghanaian foreign nationals, despite the fact that he was married.  These rumors swirled around the command for months before an anonymous tip was made to NCIS only days before our client was set to PCS.  After a rushed and laughingly inept “investigation,” our client was offered nonjudicial punishment, which he refused.  The command referred his case to Navy BUPERS, who ordered our client to show cause for retention at a Board of Inquiry for alleged violations of Article 92, 133, and 134, UCMJ.  At the Board, we presented overwhelming evidence of our client’s exceptional Naval career and integrity, as well as evidence that the accusing Sailor had a reputation for exaggerating and spreading rumors.  Result: After only 10 minutes of deliberations, the Board voted 3-0 that our client committed NO MISCONDUCT and to RETAIN him in the Navy.