Naturalized US Citizen & Native of ROC Cleared Over Security Concerns

NEW ENGLAND – Applicant native of the Republic of China and naturalized U.S. citizen, who is a senior fellow with a Defense Contractor, was issued a Statement of Reasons (SOR) alleging Guideline B – Foreign Influence and Guideline C – Foreign Preference concerns due to renewal and use of Taiwanese passport after becoming naturalized U.S. citizen and due to various family members by blood and marriage residing in Taiwan. Subsequent to hearing, government moved to reopen the case and amend the SOR to include Guideline K – Security violation and possibly Guideline E – Personal Conduct for failure to disclose security incident that occurred prior to the hearing in the case. Additional submissions by Applicant and agreed to stipulation by the parties were provided to the Administrative Judge for consideration in the matter, mitigating all concerns and demonstrating that a determination there had been a security violation had not been made prior to the hearing, thus no Guideline E issue and ultimately resulting in a finding FOR THE APPLICANT on all allegations and GRANTING of SECURITY CLEARANCE.