No Punishment for Violations of Espionage Act

Navy Chief received and retained hundreds of documents related to Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  Many of these documents contained classified information.  During an NCIS search of his home, agents recovered disks and hard drives that contained classified information.  Our client was charged with various violations of the Espionage Act, and was facing 28 years of confinement, a punitive discharge, and reduction to E-1.  Through lengthy pretrial negotiations with his chain of command, we negotiated an extremely favorable pretrial agreement for our client, which included the WITHDRAWAL and DISMISSAL of charges, and significant sentence limitations.  At his court-martial, the military judge’s sentence consisted of a fine and restriction, both of which were disapproved by the Convening Authority pursuant to the pretrial agreement.  As a result, our client received NO PUNISHMENT at his court-martial.