Officer Mitigates Foreign Influence Concerns and Regains TS/SCI Clearance

MIDWEST:  Military officer was granted Top Secret (TS) clearance by DoD CAF, then redesigned to the Intelligence Community, and was issued Letter of Intent (LOI)/Statement of Reasons (SOR) to deny access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), clearance, and assignment to sensitive positions due to Adjudicative Guideline B – Foreign Influence due to parents and siblings being citizens and, in some instances, residents of a foreign nation whose interests have been determined to be inimical to those of the United States, and for those who are not such residents, because of frequent travels to such country and maintaining contacts with  citizens/residents of that country.  After the respective Service revoked the SCI and collateral TS clearance, client retained JAG Defense to assist with reapplication after denial.  We prepared an extensive package which sufficiently mitigated the concerns, resulting in the client regaining the TS/SCI clearance/access.