Child Pornography/Internet Crimes

When someone is charged with an offense involving child pornography, the public’s strong emotional response to even the words themselves can result in immediate prejudice and a rush to judgment.  Unless successfully defended, the consequences of a conviction for offenses involving child pornography are extremely harsh.  These consequences can include very lengthy confinement periods and punitive discharges from the military.  In addition, those convicted of an offense involving child pornography will be required to register as a sex offender, which carries a tremendously negative social stigma.

At JAG Defense, we understand that your entire life is at stake when you are accused of offenses involving child pornography. We employ decades of military law experience and insightful defense strategies to have charges withdrawn and dismissed, obtain acquittals at court-martial, negotiate for a lower charges or a lesser sentence on your behalf, and seek to have convictions overturned on appeal.  We invite you to review our Child Pornography/Internet Crimes Representative Cases for a sampling of some of the successes we have been able to achieve.

If you or a loved one is charged in the military with an offense involving child pornography, please Contact Us for a  consultation with a military attorney about how we can help.

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