Rape Charges Against Air Force E-4 Withdrawn and Dismissed

Our client was charged with raping/sexually assaulting his wife.  Immediately following the alleged incident, our client’s wife went to the hospital where medical personnel treated her for an injury in her vaginal area.  In addition, our client allegedly made statements admitting that he raped his wife to his best friend and to a marital counselor.  JAG Defense was retained after the Article 32 hearing and after charges had been referred to trial by General Court-Martial.  Our investigation identified numerous inconsistent statements by our client’s ex-wife, as well as multiple motives to fabricate her allegations, to include adulterous relationships and her identity theft/credit card fraud using our client’s identity.  Armed with this information, we were able to negotiate an alternate disposition on behalf of our client, which included the government’s agreement to WITHDRAW and DISMISS all charges against our client – No Conviction, No Sex Offender Registration, No Confinement, and No Punitive Discharge.  Further, we were able to negotiate a General (Under Honorable Conditions) characterization for our client, which guarantees his continued eligibility for Veterans’ Benefits.