Representative Cases

With decades of military law experience in all branches of the Armed Forces, the attorneys at JAG Defense have compiled a staggering record of successes both in and out of the courtroom. Please review our Representative Cases for a sampling of the outstanding results we have been able to obtain for our clients facing a broad range of allegations. In doing so, however, please remember that all cases are unique. Simply because a particular result was obtained in one case does not guarantee or predict a similar result in future cases.

Military Success Stories
Security Clearance Success Stories
Positive Urinalysis Success Stories

October 2010

Government Employee retained JAG Defense to assist with obtaining Security Clearance despite significant financial debt, foreign influence, and psychological issues.

Result: SF86 entries and OPM Interview preparation sufficiently mitigated all concerns. Security clearance granted without receiving Letter of Intent.

September 2010

USMC E-3 Court-Martial, Marine Corps Base, Hawaii

Result: Full Acquittal

July 2010

Army E-6 Court-Martial, Fort Irwin, CA

Result: Full Acquittal

June 2010

Defense Contractor issued Statement of Reasons (SOR) for Guideline F – Financial Considerations (18 unpaid debts) and Guideline E – Personal Conduct for failing to disclose debts on SF86.

Result: SOR response sufficiently mitigated all concerns and security clearance was granted without having to go through a Hearing.

May 2010

Naval Officer Board of Inquiry, NS Norfolk, VA

Result: Officer Retained in Naval Service.

April 2010

Administrative Separation Board, NS Norfolk, VA

Result: 18½ year Sailor found to have committed No Misconduct and Retained in Navy.

March 2010

Air Force O-6 was issued Letter of Intent to Revoke Security Clearance due to unprofessional relationship with subordinate.

Result: Top Secret Clearance retained.

February 2010

Army Soldier deserted on eve of deployment for 3+ years.

Result: No Conviction, No Confinement, No Criminal Record, No Punitive Discharge.

January 2010

Naval Officer Board of Inquiry, NS Norfolk, VA

Result: Officer Retained in Naval Service.

December 2009

Navy E-4 General Court-Martial Negotiated alternate disposition for Petty Officer who engaged in 9 month sexual relationship with 14 year old girl.

Result: No conviction, no criminal record, no jail time, and no sex offender registration.