Representative Cases

With decades of military law experience in all branches of the Armed Forces, the attorneys at JAG Defense have compiled a staggering record of successes both in and out of the courtroom. Please review our Representative Cases for a sampling of the outstanding results we have been able to obtain for our clients facing a broad range of allegations. In doing so, however, please remember that all cases are unique. Simply because a particular result was obtained in one case does not guarantee or predict a similar result in future cases.

Military Success Stories
Security Clearance Success Stories
Positive Urinalysis Success Stories

November 2009

Employee for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) was denied a Q-clearance based upon a history of alcohol abuse, which included 4 DUIs and continued drinking. JAG Defense prepared a substantive response package and represented employee at his hearing.

Result: Clearance Granted.

October 2009

Navy civilian employee issued Letter of Intent to Revoke Security Clearance after 2 bankruptcies and continued significant debt.

Result: Top Secret Clearance retained.

September 2009

Air Force E-5 General Court-Martial, Maxwell AFB, AL

Result: Full Acquittal

August 2009

Civilian contractor repeatedly viewed pornography on his work computer. After disciplinary action was taken, contractor again viewed pornography on his work computer, leading to his termination from his position. Client retained JAG Defense to assist in preparing his SF-85P for new position.

Result: Clearance granted without Letter of Intent even being issued.

August 2009

Air Force officer issued Letter of Intent to Revoke Security Clearance after 2nd alcohol-related incident.

Result: Top Secret Clearance retained.

July 2009

Air Force O-3, General Court-Martial, Brooks City AB, TX
Client Facing Numerous Charges for Assault and Communicating a Threat.

Result: Convinced Command to WITHDRAW and DISMISS All Court-Martial Charges, Client Receives General (Under Honorable Conditions) Separation from Air Force.

June 2009

Civilian contractor with 4 years of drug abuse while holding a clearance, a drug-related conviction, and falsification of prior SF86.

Result: Top Secret Clearance granted.

May 2009

Civilian contractor with recent cocaine abuse and drug-related conviction.

Result: Clearance granted.

April 2009

Marine Corps E-2, Camp Pendleton, CA

Result: Convinced command that Discharge for Misconduct with Other Than Honorable characterization was not appropriate. Member separated instead for non-Misconduct basis with General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharge.

March 2009

Army E-7 General Court-Martial, Fort Bragg, NC

Result: Minimal Confinement Time after Military Judge Dismissed 1 Charge and Combined 3 Charges of Child Pornography Possession.