Representative Cases

With decades of military law experience in all branches of the Armed Forces, the attorneys at JAG Defense have compiled a staggering record of successes both in and out of the courtroom. Please review our Representative Cases for a sampling of the outstanding results we have been able to obtain for our clients facing a broad range of allegations. In doing so, however, please remember that all cases are unique. Simply because a particular result was obtained in one case does not guarantee or predict a similar result in future cases.

Military Success Stories
Security Clearance Success Stories
Positive Urinalysis Success Stories

July 2009

Air Force O-3, General Court-Martial, Brooks City AB, TX
Client Facing Numerous Charges for Assault and Communicating a Threat.

Result: Convinced Command to WITHDRAW and DISMISS All Court-Martial Charges, Client Receives General (Under Honorable Conditions) Separation from Air Force.

June 2009

Civilian contractor with 4 years of drug abuse while holding a clearance, a drug-related conviction, and falsification of prior SF86.

Result: Top Secret Clearance granted.

May 2009

Civilian contractor with recent cocaine abuse and drug-related conviction.

Result: Clearance granted.

April 2009

Marine Corps E-2, Camp Pendleton, CA

Result: Convinced command that Discharge for Misconduct with Other Than Honorable characterization was not appropriate. Member separated instead for non-Misconduct basis with General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharge.

March 2009

Army E-7 General Court-Martial, Fort Bragg, NC

Result: Minimal Confinement Time after Military Judge Dismissed 1 Charge and Combined 3 Charges of Child Pornography Possession.

February 2009

Navy Sailor AWOL for 18+ months

Result: No Conviction, No Confinement, No Criminal Record, No Punitive Discharge

January 2009

Naval Officer Board of Inquiry, NS Norfolk, VA

Result: No Misconduct/Retain.

January 2009

Army E-4 Special Court-Martial, Fort Stewart, GA

Result: Full Acquittal

December 2008

Marine Corps E-4 Special Court-Martial, Tampa, FL

Result: Full Acquittal

November 2008

Naval Officer General Court-Martial, Camp Pendleton, CA

Result: Full Acquittal