Marine Corps O-5 Cleared from Misuse of Classified Documents

SOUTHEAST – Marine Corps O-5 was issued Letter of Intent (LOI)/Statement of Reasons (SOR) to revoke security clearance and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), under Adjudicative Guideline: E – Personal Conduct, K – Handling Protected Information, and M – Misuse of Information Technology Systems due to mishandling of classified information by leaving it on a desk; mishandling classified information at work station; sending classified attachment on a NIPR email; having classified documents on NIPR hard drive; dozens of classified documents on a NIPR share drive; being repeatedly counseled on proper handling of classified materials. After DON CAF denied clearance, client retained JAG Defense. After presentation of case at Personal Appearance before Administrative Judge from Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Personnel Security Appeals Board (PSAB) found FOR THE APPELLANT and the clearance was reinstated.