Client Cleared from Civil Lawsuit of Due Child Support, Theft, & DUI

SOUTHEAST – Applicant, who is also a Key Management Personnel for the Contractor, was facing difficulties in getting his Personal Security Clearance favorably adjudicated due to concerns arising under Adjudicative Guidelines:  J – Criminal Conduct, G – Alcohol Consumption, and E – Personal Conduct due to past issues of felony prosecution for Aggravated Battery and Grand Theft, civil lawsuit for past due child support, and DUI. Delay in granting of Personal Clearance was also negatively affecting Defense Contractor ability to obtain Facility Clearance. The combination of the delays in the two clearances was costing the Contractor the ability to obtain large government contracts. Working with Defense Security Service (DSS), Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO), and Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), we were able to quickly provide the necessary mitigating information sufficient to result in an expeditious resolution of the Personal Clearance, thereby also resulting in a favorable adjudication of the Facility Clearance, all of this being accomplished in very short order of just a few days and without the issuance of a Statement of Reasons or the requirement to go through a Hearing, saving the client both time and money and expediting the Contractor’s ability to achieved classified contracts.