Clearance Approved for Client with History of Alcohol Abuse

SOUTHWEST – Client Federal Government employee within DoD was issued a Letter of Intent (LOI)/Statement of Reasons (SOR) under the Adjudicative Guideline: G – Alcohol Consumption based upon a history of excessive consumption of alcohol which resulted in the client self-seeking assistance in eliminating or controlling the consumption of alcohol.  For a number of months the client was able to abstain before relapsing.  Later the applicant completed an intensive in-patient rehabilitation program  Several years later, however, the client relapsed and had an alcohol-related incident resulting in a DUI.  The client went through another program of treatment and abstinence, however, the total history of alcohol consumption resulted in the issuance of the SOR.  After submission of a response to the SOR the Central Adjudication Facility found FOR THE APPLICANT and the clearance was approved without the necessity of having to go through a Personal Appearance.