Substantial changes in behavior sufficient to mitigate previous history – Clearance granted after revocation.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC:  Client Defense Contractor’s clearance was denied as a result of concerns under Adjudicative Guidelines E – Personal Conduct and H – Drug Involvement and J – Criminal Conduct as the result of the use of multiple illegal substances, mixing illegal drugs with alcohol, purchasing illegal drugs, using illegal drugs while possessing a security clearance, obtaining the services of prostitutes on various occasions in various countries, and falsifying material facts related to the background investigation and clearance adjudication on multiple occasions over an approximate 10 year period.  Client retained JAG Defense for assistance with a reapplication after revocation of the clearance.  Working closely with the client and being able to document through random drug tests that the client was drug-free for a substantial period of time, we were successful in getting the client approved for consideration of a clearance.  Unfortunately, due to loss of income in the intervening period, a new Statement of Reasons (SOR) was issued against the client, focused on the Adjudicative Guideline F – Financial Considerations, but with the client’s previous history being relevant under the whole person concept.  Nonetheless, due to documented evidence of the client’s changes in behavior, full acceptance of responsibility for previous wrongdoings, and strong evidence of rehabilitation, following a Hearing the Administrative Judge found FOR THE APPLICANT and the clearance was granted.