Air Force E-6 Retained After Testing Positive for Marijuana

Air Force E-6 with over 18 years of service was admitted to a civilian hospital. During her hospital stay, she allegedly tested positive for marijuana. Her command issued her a Letter of Reprimand (LOR), established an Unfavorable Information File (UIF), and initiated a separation action against her. Without even needing a board hearing, we were able to convince her command that the positive urinalysis was unreliable, that the LOR and UIF should be rescinded, and that separation action processing should cease immediately. Result: Our client was RETAINED without having to go through the stress and uncertainty of an administrative discharge board.

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Air Force O-4 Acquitted of Sexual Offense Charges

Air Force O-4 was charged with Indecent Acts with a Child, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer by engaging in sexual advances toward female subordinates, a variety of assaults and battery on junior enlisted personnel, and drunk and disorderly conduct. He pled guilty to Assault on a Child under Sixteen, several of the Assaults, and Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline. He was only convicted of one assault to which he did not plead guilty. He was acquitted of all sexual offenses, thus avoiding sexual offender registration. In sentencing, the Government argued for Dismissal from the service and three years confinement. Our client was sentenced to only 45 days of confinement and forfeitures, and NO DISMISSAL. 

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Air Force E-5 Acquitted of Larceny Charges

Air Force E-5 performed two successive “Do It Yourself” (DITY) shipments during PCS moves from Hawaii to Florida and Florida to Alabama. In an effort to weigh down her shipment to obtain more money from the government, our client purchased and shipped over 7000 pounds of cat litter. Shortly after arriving in Alabama, our client returned the cat litter for a refund. All together, our client’s DITY moves earned her over $11,000. When confronted by OSI, our client fully admitted her actions, and provided a 9-page written confession. The government charged our client with larceny of military property, and referred the case to a General Court-Martial where she faced 10 years in jail and a Dishonorable Discharge. During a fully contested trial before officer members, we demonstrated that our client was under the mistaken belief that she was permitted to ship such a large amount of cat litter. Further, we challenged whether the Joint Federal Travel Regulations prohibited such a shipment. Result: The officer panel returned with a FULL ACQUITTAL for our client. 

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