We invite you to review some of the comments we have received from clients, attorneys, and other individuals about the legal services that our Military Attorneys provide.  These comments are reproduced verbatim and represent the personal opinions of the individual writers.


If you’re where I was just 7 months ago, you’re in a bad spot, with your career, reputation, and everything else you’ve worked your butt off for in jeopardy. I searched for the BEST military lawyer upon being notified of an allegation of a positive urinalysis result for marijuana. Having never done the drug my entire life, and knowing the government wanted to bring charges against me, I knew I faced an uphill battle and long road ahead. I submitted a form, giving a brief synopsis on what I was up against, and Grover quickly called me back. Right away, I knew I had found my lawyer to defend me as I navigated this nightmare of a process. Today, I type this with an immense amount of relief, as Grover successfully won the BOI, convincing the panel members their claims were UNSUBSTANTIATED and that I had committed NO MISCONDUCT! Being accused of something you know you didn’t do, and coming to terms with something that can have devastating, lifelong implications is horrifying, but Grover never faltered as the government made every attempt at kicking me out. This man is worth triple his price and is worth his weight in gold. The joy and relief I feel, after being able to put this all behind me is simply indescribable. I don’t think it’s fully settled in yet that I can now put all this in my rear view mirror, and move forward with my career, along with my reputation and dignity in tact. If you’re being charged, then you need to fight back. Not tomorrow, not now, but YESTERDAY!!! Don’t hesitate to hire Grover so he can start fighting back. He’s easily the best military lawyer, and the way he shoots the prosecution down is simply a work of art. I owe Grover my life and am forever indebted to him. The road wasn’t easy, or quick, but as I lay here and give hope to others who find themselves in the same place I was back in March, I assure you that Grover is THE MAN for the job. Thank you for everything Grover. I’ll never forget you and words simply cannot describe how grateful I am for all your amazing work.
USMC Warrant Officer

I contacted Mr. Baxley in February of 2022. I knew I needed an expert. I have 12 years of honorable service (active and guard) with no history of ever being in trouble. Mr. Baxley commanded the board room and after two days of the hearing, the final result was no misconduct, retained in the Air National Guard. Now I can continue to serve until retirement. If you are in need of an expert, Mr. Baxley is your guy.
Air Force O-2

From the point of reaching out to the day of the admin separation board, Mr. Baxley has been there to work through issues, he quickly returned emails and phone calls with information on how to proceed. Mr. Baxley was an upmost professional! I needed help to salvage my 17 year career after a positive UA for cocaine and Mr. Baxley saved it! He knew the right questions to ask and had the attention of the board members. Thank you for the great representation and thank you for always being available!

I was a SSG(P) with 12 years in the Army and after this case I kept my status and everything. I did some research and was stuck between 3 Defensive civilian lawyers and chose Mr. Baxley and Thank God I did because he saved my life and my career. Went to trial and was fully Acquitted the first week of August 2021. From the first time I spoke with Mr.Baxley he was extremely professional, knowledgeable and well prepared. As we went along in the process we had a few things that could have ruined my case in trial but Mr. Baxley knew exactly what to do. His performance in trial was unmatched the government could not even keep up, when he speaks in trial you will definitely be in awe as he has brought everything to the table that you would expect and more. If you are in trouble with the military and are facing anything DONT hesitate to call Jag Defense I promise you it will be the best decision of your life and career. My hat goes off to your Mr. Baxley Thank You for everything God Bless.
Army E-6

On behalf of my family and I, thank you for what you did for us today!!! You are a truly gifted, talented lawyer doing exactly what God intended you to do in life! The verdict today is a true blessing and the result of your work will have a everlasting impact on my family! I wish your practice and family the best and I hope you continue to prosper by helping people.
Army O-4

I had two positive urinalysis (medical & command directed) results for THC and was facing an Administrative Separation from the Air Force after 17.5 years of service. Not comfortable entrusting my career to only the Govt assigned counsel, I immediately began my search for an attorney. I came across jagdefense.com and started reading many of the reviews from people in my exact same predicament. I then contacted Mr. Baxley to explain my situation and see if would be willing to take my case. From our first conversation I was convinced how well-versed he was in Military Law and his superior knowledge of suspected drug abuse cases. And I immediately knew I wanted Mr. Baxley to represent me throughout this process. This was not without much pain and stress as I had been issued an LOR, UIF, placed on a Control Roster, had my security clearances suspended and demoted from E-7 to E-6. Everything was looking bleak and I did not have much hope of regaining all that was lost, let alone being able to finish my career and retire. From the moment my Board hearing began I felt a resounding shift from despair to optimism and it had everything to do with Mr. Baxleys handling of my case. He is extremely organized and professional! His approach to connecting with the panel members and orchestrating the best defense possible is quite amazing. He presents everything in a clear, concise order and makes information very easy to understand and follow. There are no delays or inaccuracies in his delivery and he gives the impression that the prosecution is beyond their depth. His closing arguments were simply phenomenal and I felt that every aspect had been covered and re-enforced many times over that the panel would have a difficult decision. Then to my surprise after only approximately 40 minutes of deliberation the board returned with a Unanimous Decision of No Misconduct on all charges. I was overwhelmed with a ton of emotions and so relieved that I would be able to continue my career. Mr. Baxley congratulated me on this result but then quickly said "we're not done yet. Let's now focus on getting that demotion overturned." Currently we are in the process of filing the appeals but I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Baxley for saving my career. I have no doubts that things would have turned out much differently, and very likely for the worst, if he did not represent me. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone facing a similar situation as mine. The testimonials are 100% true and I am so grateful to be adding my name to your growing list of satisfied clients. Once again, Thank you!!
Air Force E-6

I am a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I consulted and then hired Mr. Baxley as my counsel, He made it very easy for me to understand the entire process. Everything Mr. Baxley said the Government would do or try happened. Over the course of a year we finally went to Court martial where Mr. Baxley ensured to keep me positive and calm through the trial. Mr. Baxley made the prosecution side look extremely foolish and like rookies, he was also able to have the prosecution witnesses ultimately admit they did nothing according to black and white and failed to do their job correctly. At the end of day two with the help of Mr. Baxley at my side the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict and I was fully acquitted of all charges. I highly recommend Mr. Baxley and his team to anyone who is trying to save their career!!!! Mr. Baxley is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable attorney.
Army E-6

Mr. Baxley is without a doubt one of the sharpest, yet down to earth individuals I've met during my quest to find representation. From the start it was clear he was a strategician and actually listened to the facts and was not dying to take my money like other high profile attorneys were. We discussed the case, discussed the cost, made payment arrangements and started gathering things for the court date. When that day arrived and we received the judgement we were after, it was clearly the best investment I could have made in securing my families future.
Air Force E-7

I decided to reach out to Mr. Baxley after being charged with misconduct on false allegations by a junior officer. The moment I discussed the matter with him I knew he would be the right fit for my situation. He took the time to explain the whole process to me so I could understand what was to take place. After adding him to my team he immediately took control and had a game plan. He definitely took the time to learn every aspect of my case. He was available whenever I had questions. During my special court martial hearing, he completely controlled the court room. His professionalism and wealth of knowledge on Military Law was shown immediately. He put in his all and focused on my case to prove my innocence. After a 3 day trial, I was found not guilty on the charges presented. I would highly recommend Defense Attorney Grover Baxley to any military member who is seeking help in regards to legal military matters.  

I contacted Grover Baxley shortly after I was formally charged with false official statements and larceny. We had several meetings via phone call before we actually met face-to-face. I explained everything that happened regarding the Government's case against me and he went to work. He interviewed witnesses, reviewed documents, and engaged the Government lawyer on my behalf. The end result was a full acquittal. I could not be more satisfied with his representation.
Air Force O-4

Mr. Baxley gave my career a second chance. I consulted with him within 72 hours of being read my rights by OSI. After speaking over the phone, he provided the game plan and 10 months later, I was acquitted of all charges. Mr. Baxley was able to debunk every move made by the prosecutors and in my opinion, I won my case by a landslide. He's truly gifted.
Air Force E-5

Mr. Baxley defended me at a board. The thing that really stood out to me was how he spoke and commanded the room. He knew what points needed to be highlighted, he knew when too much of a good thing (testimony) was weighing on the members, and he just knew how to handle everything in general. I would highly reccomend Grover Baxley and his firm.
Navy O-2

I was charged with an allegation that impacted my entire family and my career. The first attorney I hired suggested I take a plea deal and didn't represent me with honest intentions. After a consultation with Mr. Baxley, I knew I needed him on my team! Mr. Baxley worked quickly to get spun up on my case and provided a plan for our next steps. After 18 grueling months, my case ended with an acquittal thanks to Mr. Baxley. He treated me with respect, compassion and hard truths that needed to be stated. I truly believe that if I did not have Mr. Baxley, my life & career would have taken a drastic turn for the worse.
Air Force E-8

PO2, 13 years of naval service, got in trouble on my way overseas with my family. It was and is a nightmare, I had never so much as had a DRB. I love being a sailor, husband, and father; we were on our way to dream orders. This was not how I imagined checking in to my forth command. I reviewed as many lawyers as possible, I needed someone I could trust, someone who would follow through, someone who had my best interests. I got all of that and more. Being overseas made communication particularly difficult but Mr Baxley went above and beyond. Most importantly the day of the hearing he was there in my corner, he presented a great case and secured a verdict of No Misconduct! We can continue our Navy career because of the work Mr Baxley has done. Mr Baxley not only won but has continued to help me through the process of trying to get my rank back. Smart, professional and the absolute best in the courtroom.
Navy E-5

Mr. Baxley was easily contactable with any issues throughout my legal issue and gave sound legal advice. His fees were very reasonable and were no unexpected fees. In fact, he informed me that I had overpaid. In addition to advising me, he also successfully represented me in an administrative hearing. He was articulate, professional, and cogent. I highly recommend him for legal advice or representation.
Army O-6

I feel so fortunate that I found Ms. Price to represent me for the hearing, after having worked with a previous lawyer. Ms. Price was extremely efficient, well organized, and experienced. After carefully reviewing my case, she decided that my case warranted a request for withdrawing the SOR without a hearing. She discussed with the department counsel presenting strong evidence for the request. Almost immediately after the request was made, DOHA cancelled the hearing and granted me security clearance with no further action required. My family and I were overjoyed that the case was favorably adjudicated just three weeks after we hired Ms. Price. It is nothing short of a miracle! I highly recommend Ms. Price for any security clearance issues. Many thanks!
Government Contractor

Mr. Baxley is a brilliant attorney who sticks to the facts that matter and have a legal basis. I spent over a month researching lawyers before I hired him. The main reason I hired him was because of his knowledge of military law, and I was not disappointed. Because of his dynamic and powerful representation of me, the end result of my case was more than I could have hoped for. He is confident, extremely knowledgeable and entirely well spoken. His professionalism, skill and intelligence were exactly what I needed to prove my innocence on a very sensitive charge. I honestly thought my career in the Navy was over, but Mr Baxley fought for me and I have been cleared of the charges. He is a very busy man but he won't let you down.
Navy E-6

I wanted to share the news with you that the Office of the Secretary of Defense has approved my retroactive selection to LCDR. This is a great story, and you played leading roles at the BOI and subsequent BCNR request, and the advice to go for a SSB in the first place which I didn't even know was possible. Your firm will forever be at the top of my list, and I have referred several individuals over the last few years by providing your info. I have a friend who is a JAG in DC who followed my situation and your defense who has also been passing along your info.   I wish you both the absolute best, you provide a tremendous and life saving service to our military members!  
Naval Officer

Mr. Baxley successfully secured an acquittal for me at General Court Martial. I was terrified that just by virtue of my Officer rank, that a jury would automatically convict me. Mr. Baxley calmly walked me through the court martials process and demonstrated he was a superior lawyer to the trial counsel officers detailed against me. Through the whole process, he seemed to be the senior person in the courtroom, commanding respect from the opposing trial counsel lawyers, the jury members, and even the judge.

My entire career was on the line. I stood to lose everything. As the sole bread winner for my family, I stood to lose everything. Grover Baxley has the patience of a saint and the knowledge you want in the court room. He explains everything to you. He is very focused and easy to contact. He truly tries to be available to you through the entire process. My case went on for a VERY long time. He never faltered in our journey for vindication. He is a dynamic writer, eloquent in his use of words, and will take you step by step through the process. He is brilliant in the court room and understands military customs/roles/rules, etc. I would hire him again in a heart beat. You want success, this is your attorney. He is worth every penny as he is totally invested in helping you. I have told him that those clients who are struggling with the time line and the tedious process are welcome to talk to me. My entire process, to date, was the longest of his career. I promise, this is who you want defending you.
Navy O-5

I was told of my positive urinalysis and was on the search for the right person for the job. Mr. Baxley exceeded my expectations from the beginning! Right away he told me what needed to be done and his advice was followed with full confidence throughout the whole process. Not only did he give great advice, he predicted everything that was to come between the command and our proceedings. I have not had legal counsel in the past, but his service should be the gold standard in military law. He worked hard and when my day in court came, the verdict was not guilty. If you are considering legal counsel I would not look any further, he is the man for the job. I strongly would advise you to take the next step and talk with Mr. Baxley!
Navy E-5

I was blindsided [by a criminal charge] about 13 months ago. I had no idea how I could fight it. After speaking with my military defense counsel, my family and I decided to hire a civilian lawyer. I had spoken with about 8 lawyers before Mr Baxley. They had good sales pitches and they had decent records in court but after speaking with Mr Baxley, I knew he was the man for the job. After hiring Mr. Baxley he walked me through step by step of everything that was going to happen. After I denied the NJP, we were hoping for a court martial but my command decided on administration separation instead. This process took much longer due to my commands role in Deciding which avenue they wished to pursue. Mr Baxley was always there to answer any questions. Once we finally made it to the courtroom a year later, he definitely proved to be the best at what he does. The prosecutor didn't stand a chance. Mr Baxley was better spoken and more well versed in the law and the proceedings at every turn of the road. At the end of the 6 hour proceedings, and only 15 minutes of deliberation, the board found with a 3-0 vote that I had committed no misconduct and I would be retained. I would recommend him to anyone in need of proving innocence because there's no better man for the job. he will not only walk you through the process and get the best results for you, he will also help ease the stress and worry that comes with whatever terrible situation you may find yourself in.

This Testimonial is written with regard to the services my husband and I, as his advocate, have obtained from Donna Price of JagDefense Law over the past year. Ms. Price was not the first attorney we had talked to, but we very quickly became aware that the comparison was that there was no comparison. When I first met with Donna, her demeanor and her vast experience led me to believe that her representation would be exceptional. What I did not know at that time was that her compassion and empathy for our situation would be as empowering as it ultimately has been.  We have not yet received a final adjudicative decision in my husband’s security clearance matter, but we feel strongly that the case, which was very complicated and contained a plethora of issues including those of whistleblower retaliation and covert discrimination, was not only fully and professionally handled with care, but also was effectively laid out in full context during his personal appearance. Donna Price worked her magic first in a written response to an extensive SOR, which successfully mitigated and removed half of the alleged concerns. Requesting an appearance before a DOHA judge, the remaining concerns were addressed and with Ms. Price’s expertise and counsel, I feel they were effectively mitigated and am very optimistic that ultimately justice will prevail.  As a highly decorated 35 year public servant, with 25 years on active duty, a nearly perfect record of performance and 10 as a DoD GS civilian, the retaliatory efforts of a corrupt supervisor and a powerful Navy command that backed his play, wreaked havoc on what should legitimately have been the unblemished record and credibility of my husband, and only because of the counsel of our exceptional attorney, Donna Price, the right and just dispensation of this case is highly likely. If your case is complicated or if you feel like you have been unjustly accused, Ms. Price is the attorney for you. Even though the concerns against my husband lacked legitimacy and were exaggerated and charged out of context and brought on by a climate rife with covert aggression and retaliation, this fight could not have been undertaken without her guidance and support. We will both always feel indebted to her and will consider her a friend and confidante regardless of how it turns out as we know that we could not have done even nearly as well either on our own or with the counsel of any other attorney.  
Retired Navy E-9 and Spouse

I was told of my positive urinalysis and was on the search for the right person for the job. Mr. Baxley exceeded my expectations from the beginning! Right away he told me what needed to be done and his advice was followed with full confidence throughout the whole process. Not only did he give great advice, he predicted everything that was to come between the command and our proceedings. I have not had legal counsel in the past, but his service should be the gold standard in military law. He worked hard and when my day in court came, the verdict was not guilty. If you are considering legal counsel I would not look any further, he is the man for the job. I strongly would advise you to take the next step and talk with Mr. Baxley!
Navy E-5

If you are reading this review then I am guessing you are in a similar situation that I was 1 year ago. Looking for an attorney that would fight tooth and nail to secure the best possible outcome for your case. I searched for weeks, I called many attorneys that specialized in Military Law. It only took one phone call with Mr. Baxley to realize he was the right choice. Still, I fought with the decision of whether it was worth going outside my ADC, I dragged my feet putting down the retainer for Mr. Baxley because of these doubts. But in the end I hired him and I only wish I had done so sooner. After bringing Mr. Baxley on I was immediately impressed on how responsive he was to anything I needed. Long story short, My wife and I planned for the worst possible outcome, but with Mr. Baxley's help we can throw that plan out. Mr Baxley provided me the best possible outcome for my case. He secured a Pretrial agreement that not only I but my ADC thought impossible. To be honest I still do not know how he did it. But I can tell you he will fight for you, he will do everything in his power to help you, and I will forever be grateful. So again if you are sitting here reading reviews trying to decide if it's going to be worth it. Let me tell you that he is worth every penny.
Air Force E-7

I contracted Grover Baxley as my attorney to represent me after I received notification of a positive urinalysis for MDMA (ecstasy). I chose Mr. Baxley over several other attorneys that I spoke with because of his experience and competence in defending positive urinalysis cases. When he was contracted, Mr. Baxley immediately explained all of the details of the process and what I could expect in the coming months. He was very clear and concise with his advice. I chose to take the case to Court Martial based on his advice and my own aspirations to hopefully one day clear my name of the accusation. I waited nine months for my Court Martial. Throughout those nine months, Mr. Baxley aided in communicating with the Army JAG attorneys and coordinating what needed to be done before the trial. Mr. Baxley arrived days before the trial, which gave ample time to prepare. I would recommend Mr. Baxley to anyone who wants to challenge a positive urinalysis because of his very strong performance during the Court Martial itself. His ability to adapt to the situation during the Court Martial proved extremely effective. Various factors caused things to change during the Court Martial and tough decisions had to be made, but Mr. Baxley had great advice and strategy that ended up with a positive outcome. Overall, his closing statement was the most effective in my opinion. The closing statement was communicated in such a manner that some members of the panel (I chose an Officer panel, instead of a Judge) were actually nodding their heads during his statement (which was not the case, when the prosecution spoke). His arguments were laid out very clearly and effectively, which is what I believe caused the panel to vote "not guilty." I am very glad that I chose Grover Baxley to represent me in my positive urinalysis case. I can now gladly continue on with my career with peace of mind that this is all behind me.
Army O-2

If you look under "Representative Cases", you'll see my story under AF TSgt Acquitted After Two Positive Urinalysis Tests. Yes, that's me. Like you, I happened to find the JAG Defense website and began reading the testimonials and previous cases. Six months ago, just like you, I read the success stories and wondered, could these really be true? Is this guy really THAT good? Let me assure you, 100-percent, without a doubt, he is absolutely THAT good. You will not find a better military lawyer, especially in cases involving the wrongful use of controlled substances and positive urinalysis tests. If you're facing a court martial, or deciding whether to accept an Article 15, contact Mr. Baxley immediately. It's the smartest decision you'll ever make. Mr. Baxley, I can't thank you enough. I'm proud to have my success story added to the list.
Air Force E-6

When my daughter (E2) failed her drug screen we as a family, were crushed. All that she had worked for, everything was on the line. We determined that the positive test was due to someone slipping drugs into her drink. After talking with her Command we also realized that we would need a lawyer. We researched online extensively and contact numerous lawyers, with the majority painting a negative outcome. One even said that her career was over and he would do his best to get her discharge upgraded. Upgraded!!??!! She didn't do it! Once we contacted Mr Baxley we knew right away that we had the right guy for the job. He never promised anything but was confident and explained the process in such away that we understood the steps. Everything leading up to her board happened exactly as he had said it would. He is very busy, as any great lawyer is, but when her time neared he put it into overdrive! He was awesome and with out his expertise she surely would have been separated under other than honorable conditions. During the board he lined up the best witnesses and testimony that made the boards decision an easy one. They only deliberated 10 mins! NOT GUILTY!!! We as a family couldn't be happier with our decision to retain JAG Defense and Mr Baxley! He is truly the best! THANK YOU!
Father of Navy E-2

Mr. Baxley was the most attentive of all the lawyers I called, right from the beginning. You can tell that he has a lot of experience and is calm and cool just by speaking with him. I didn't realize how important that would be until after my case was over.

The results for my case were fantastic (retained in the military with a finding of no misconduct at an Admin Separation Board). These results were LARGELY due to Mr. Baxley's expertise.

I would highly recommend him to anyone facing disciplinary action and I would call him first in the future, (although I hope I never have to).

Navy E-7

When I was told that I had tested positive for THC by my Commander I saw my career flash before my eyes. I immediately started searching for a lawyer. I talked to at least 7 lawyers that specialized in Positive  Urinalysis'. But when I talked to Mr Baxley he walked me thru the entire process of defending myself, he explained to me my rights as United States Soldier, he told me not to make any statements. And from that very second I knew that I had found a right lawyer. Mr. Baxley is a well educated lawyer who is very knowledgeable about the military urinalysis program. When it was time for my Court Martial Trial Mr Baxley was very impressive, he absolutely demolished the Government Prosecutor with relatively ease! For anyone that is looking for the best Defensive Lawyer in the business of saving Soldiers Careers, Mr. Baxley is no brainer! I would recommend him to anybody! He is money well spent! Thank you Mr Baxley!

Army E-7

First off I'd like to say thank you to Grover Baxley. I tested positive on a urinalysis. When I first read all these testimonials I couldn't believe them. Now I know for a fact that Mr. Baxley is simply that good. His confidence and experience shows from the moment you first talk to him to the moment you both walk in the court room. Mr. Baxley steps into the courtroom fully prepared and knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He's able to make judgment calls and able to think quickly on his feet when the opposing counsel would do or say anything he quickly asserts his dominance and shuts them down almost instantly. He's completely honest with you and will give you the confidence to put your mind at ease when my command was trying to scare me into making the decisions that would benefit them not me Mr. Baxley was there. Mr. Baxley will walk with you from step one to the day you leave your court room victorious. He won't make any promises but I can assure you from my personal experience he won't let you down. If your asking yourself who should I hire then stop here. I can't thank him enough, he's worth every penny. Because of him I can continue my career, he demolished the opposing counsel and clearly was more knowledgable in the matters of military law then they were. I knew they were surprised by how much he knew I saw the look on their face and it was priceless. I knew I made the right choice and I'm glad I did, he kept intact my integrity and we stuck with the truth. Even when he's working other cases he still is available to speak to you over
the phone and email no matter what state he's in. Mr. Baxley is extremely talented and I would like to say thanks again. Look no further cause he is as good as it gets. I can't say enough about him. My family thanks you also. Godspeed Mr. Baxley

E-6, USN

Grover Baxley is a true professional, and is beyond reproach. I was falsely accused of multiple counts of misconduct that could have been punished by prison and a less than honorable discharge. The government bull dozed their way through my career, cancelled my orders, issued an adverse FITREP, and threatened me with court martial. In the face of this pressure, Mr. Baxley took me under his wing and guided me through the military justice system. From the moment Mr. Baxley took my case his advice was not just clear, but frankly clever. He had a deep understanding of flaws in the military justice system and the seemingly insurmountable odds against me as a service member after the government decided I was guilty. He subverted government attempts at every turn to degrade me and stamp me out. I faced the threat of court martial and then NJP, but in the end Mr. Baxley managed to steer the Navy towards the most advantageous venue to clear my name in my particular case, and I was exonerated on all counts. As a military reserve JAG and civilian defense counsel, he is unquestionably at the head of his class. He is a trial lawyer with winning instincts, and watching him in the courtroom is like watching David slay Goliath. I trusted him with my life, and he stood with me until I could lift my head again in freedom. Mr. Baxley will never promise you will win, but he will offer sober, clever, sound advice. He will treat you with dignity and respect at every turn, and he is a genuinely likable guy. He basically has it all, the total package of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform your legal function in order to achieve the absolute best possible outcome in your particular case. When your life is on the line, and it seems like there isn't much hope, you want Grover in your corner. NOTE: He is busy, and that means you have to be patient as your case develops. On several occasions I wanted to get a hold of him, but he was in a trial. He got back to me as soon as he could, but if you choose to hire him, keep in mind he is like a magnet. People are turning to him left and right to save their careers or lives, and he has to prioritize his time so those closest to trial get his full and undivided attention. When it's your day in the courtroom, you will appreciate having 100% of his attention. NOTE: He has a flat rate payment policy, which seems like a significant amount of money. He is worth every penny I paid, because he saved my career and kept me from being permanently labeled with a less than honorable discharge. Furthermore, I had a peace of mind with the flat rate, since I wasn't being individually charged by the minute every time I called him or wanted to meet to discuss my case.

Navy O-3

Ever since I popped hot on a unit urinalysis for thc I was certain that my military career was over. At the time of this case in early 2015 I was a SPC in the United States Army, and was given an article 15 that would have certainly ended my career (my unit had even started my separation packet).  Concerned for my future I searched the internet for advice on my case, and I found the services of Jag Defense legal services and more specially Mr. Baxley.  From the first time I spoke with him on the phone, I knew that Mr. Baxley had expertise on these matters. He explained to me exactly what my options were and what the government was going to try to do every step of the way. I decided at JAG to decline my article 15 despite my JAG "counsel" telling me that it was unwise to do so, because "the army always wins". During the several months waiting for my court date,  Mr. Baxley explained to me how we were going to handle the case. He kept me informed and responded to any of my questions in a timely manner. At one point, Mr. Baxley had business to attend to in Italy, but I was still able to keep correspondence with him, and he made himself available to me in a timely manner. When my day at court finally came, Mr. Baxley explained the whole process to me and prepped me for my testimony if I needed to take the stand. When it came to jury selection, we were able to excuse 3 of the 7 jury members from the panel that may of been unfavorable to my case. From the opening arguments it was obvious that the  prosecution was outclassed by Mr. Baxley. As they called up their witnesses, Mr. Baxley would expertly extract information from them that put me in a favorable light to the jury. By the time the prosecution had rested their case, it became apparent that I should not even testify, although if I had to I would of been ready thanks to Mr. Baxley. Throughout the case, Mr. Baxley was able to object to many of the prosecutions motions and questions and was successful more times than not. His ability to cite case law and his knowledge of military law was quite impressive to the whole court room. On the other hand, when the prosecution made motions against our defense, Mr. Baxley was able to explain to the judge why the motion had no grounds. Almost always the judge would overrule the prosecution, often times right in front of the jury! At the end of the case, the jury took only 20 minutes to deliberate, and came back with a verdict of not guilty. I will be forever thankful to the services that Mr. Baxley provided for my defense, and would recommend him to anyone that asks. I know that being taken to court martial is one of the most stressful situations that one may ever face. Do not trust your JAG counsel to have your best interest in heart. If I would have went with them, I would be out of the military. I would recommend that you at least give Mr. Baxley a call.

Army E-4

We contacted Grover Baxley regarding UCMJ charges filed in a remote overseas hardship zone, and his response was immediate and comprehensive. He gathered information from all concerned, provided timely advice and assistance, helped with statements and kept us informed every step of the way. His thorough analysis of every aspect of the initial charges and subsequent administrative proceedings enabled him to address every possible point of contention or support in our case. His thorough preparation, coupled with his presentation and questioning of witnesses at the administrative hearing, led to the best possible outcome in our case: retention in the service. Mr. Baxley was, through it all, responsive, communicative, easy to talk to and very supportive. We highly recommend him for any type of military-related legal case.

Navy O-3

Dear Mr. Baxley,

I can’t thank you enough for all you did for ******* and the way you represented him at the BOI, achieving the best result possible!  Sounds like it was not an easy day; ******* said it could have gone south fast if you hadn’t been there.  It’s a great relief for all of us to know this process is over, with a positive ending. 

Again, many, many thanks for your help!  I picked your name out of all those listed on the web, from my hotel room in Key West, with my wife, on that dismal night in March, after evaluating the backgrounds of the attorneys listed for this type of thing, and it absolutely did turn out to be the best possible choice!


Father of Client

My nightmare began two years ago when a disgruntled subordinate sailor filed extensive misconduct and harassment charges against me.  With the very real threat of losing everything I had worked for in the past 19-years (only one year away from retirement), I did a lot of research and retained Grover Baxley.  Over the next two years, my case moved at a snails pace and Grover kept reminding me to stay calm and keep focused on the end game.  When the day for my Show Cause board finally arrived, I was petrified. From the very beginning of the 2-day proceedings, it was clearly evident to everyone that Grover Baxley was the only seasoned pro in the room.  While the inexperienced government lawyers fumbled through pre-written scripts, Grover Baxley recited everything from memory and experience. In the first 20-minutes, he was able to have several damaging exhibits removed from consideration which greatly reduced the overall charges against me. The government lawyers were stunned and simply had no answer to his well formed objections.  During the questioning of witnesses, the government planned to produce five people.  After Grover eviscerated the first two of the government's witnesses, the government lawyer was so scared that she cancelled the final three witnesses (who could have potentially been very damaging to my case).  Everything that happened in the board was because he wanted it to.  In the end, I was retained on active duty and will be able to retire honorably with full benefits in a year.  When I was searching for attorney's, I read many of his reviews and thought, "can he really be this good?"  The answer is unequivocally YES!  If you have a life time of commitment to the military and you are in danger losing it all, you can't afford not to have Grover Baxley on your side.  It's insanity to attempt to fight the government alone or with an inexperienced  government appointed attorney.  HIs fees are a drop in the bucket compared to losing $1.3M in retirement benefits and being branded with a general discharge. I can't say it any better than to simply say that he saved my life.

Coast Guard O-4

In May 2014 I was required to appear before an Administrative Show Cause Board of Inquiry. I had been falsely accused of several Uniform Code of Military Justice violations.  I chose Mr. Baxley as my civilian counsel and could not have been any happier. Prior to the board, he kept me informed of the process and ensured that I was thoroughly prepared. During the Board itself, he painted a clear picture for the members to see how the allegations against me were false and unfounded. He corrected the prosecuting JAG attorneys further showing his mastery of the proceedings. His closing arguments were like something out of movie - hard hitting and direct. I was fortunate that the findings of the board were as positive as possible - No Misconduct of any kind. Even if the outcome had not been favorable, I would have been completely satisfied with Mr. Baxley's performance. No one could have done a better job.


Attorney Price handled my case. From the beginning of my clearance process she showed the highest level of professionalism, guided me every step of the way, and displayed the patience of a saint until I was able to win my case. She is a wonderful human being and understands that people have different backgrounds and their experiences come from all walks of life. Attorney Price is an immense asset and without her I would not have been able to win my case. In the future I intend to use the services of JAG Defense again to ensure that I receive the best possible outcome. I recommend that all of you ask for Attorney Price - you will do well!


Government Contractor

Mr. Baxley,

I've been meaning to do this, but I would like to give my endorsement to you & JAG Defense. Your help was instrumental in my continued service in the Air Force. Now, I can retire and finally have some peace, knowing I kept my promise to my dad. 

Tell your customers who are debating hiring you because of the expense that they can't afford not to hire you. If their military careers are that important to them they need to do whatever they can, figure it out, talk to family, get a loan, jump through hoops, just do whatever they can to have you represent them.  It was the best money I've ever spent & the investment will pay back a hundred fold. Tell your clients that it's an investment to their careers & life after the military.

Anyway, sorry this took so long, but wanted to say thanks again. Looking back, it was pretty awesome seeing you at work. Your closing statement was a thing of beauty.

Air Force E-4

I believe I was very lucky in retaining Mr. Baxley for my case.  My case was odd in that it went on for four years because of delays.  During this time Mr.Baxley would keep in touch with me whenever anything came up, he also promptly replied to my phone calls and emails, you do not know how important this is till you are panicking on a Sunday afternoon and he replies back to your crazy email and calms you down.  I retained both Mr. Baxley and a Navy appointed JAG officer, the JAG was good, Mr. Baxley was better.

He did a great job of finding out the particulars of my case and making sure that every T was crossed and every I was dotted.  In my opinion Mr. Baxley is second to none in both taking care of his client and in taking care of the case.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer for a military trial.

Navy E-7

Two years ago, in the midst of high-profile Air Force sexual assaults, I needed a military defense lawyer because a junior officer whom I'd dated was threatening to falsely extort me for rape if I didn't help her get a preferred assignment. She had approached me and wanted me to produce results immediately. I quickly interviewed three lawyers and it was very clear from the start that Mr. Baxley had the experience and expertise necessary to guide me through the convoluted military legal system. Within hours, Mr. Baxley formed a sound legal strategy to guide us through the political and legal battle to come. I reported this individual for her extortion attempt but unfortunately the Air Force came after me for sexual assault. Over the next 1.5 years Mr. Baxley represented and helped me prepare for everything to come; OSI interviews, Article 32 court proceedings, and my conduct at work. All of which proved to be instrumental to the final result. During the Article 32 proceedings, Mr. Baxley was able to pinpoint key irregularities in my accuser's statements that greatly discredited her claims of a sexual assault. He was also able to bring out vital information from key witnesses to further question my accuser's claims. Mr. Baxley's remarkable handling of my case before and after the Article 32 led to a negotiation with a 4-star general that resulted in the charges being withdrawn and dismissed with prejudice. I could not have received a better defense than the one presented by Mr. Baxley. Mr. Baxley knew the military legal system and understood the political environment surrounding this issue. He was a flawless litigator and also perfectly navigated behind the scenes to get the best possible result. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Baxley when choosing a military defense lawyer. You will not find a better lawyer who will work harder for you.

Captain, USAF

On June 2013 I was informed by NCIS that I was under investigation for an Article 120 of the UCMJ. I contacted Mr. Baxley days later because I was looking for a civilian/Military Law defense representation. Beginning with the first time I spoke with Mr. Baxley on the phone, and I spoke with several lawyers prior to him, I noticed the professionalism and colossal amount of knowledge he had possessed. He was very engaged in my predicament and gave me several recommendations.  My article 32 came on October 2013, of course I was assigned an Active Military Officer Lawyer, (a fairly new JAG Officer from what I perceived), I decided to proceed to the Article 32 with only the representation of the JAG assigned to me by the military. I called Mr. Baxley after I found out I was going to a Court Martial, fairly late I will admit. Mr. Baxley took immediate action and contacted the JAG assigned to my case, taking full charge of the situation. Mr. Baxley's knowledge and persistence towards my case resulted in the drop, and dismiss, of all charges 4 days prior to the scheduled Court Martial. Mr. Baxley is an outstanding Military Lawyer, very professional, and extremely intelligent on military law. He kept me informed of any changes and any decisions that he made. Mr. Baxley displayed much empathy when dealing with my case, and his profound intellect on the situation resulted in the drop and dismiss of the entire case. The only thing I regret is not getting his representation the first day I was charged with the Article 120 and waited until after the Article 32. If you are in the same situation I was in and is looking for a defense about a UCMJ or any other legal issue, don't look any further. Get Mr. Baxley on your side to defend your rights and innocence and you will not regret it.  Mr. Baxley will make sure your side is heard and you get the best outcome of your case. I am extremely thankful that Mr. Baxley was on my side.


Back in December (now April), I was charged under the UCMJ for a positive urinalysis case. Immediately, I was called to investigation by my commands CID. When they questioned me, I informed them that I would not speak and that I wanted a lawyer. Being that I had never contacted a lawyer in the past, I had no clue where to go from there. I was looking online on the best military defense lawyers as well as asking around, when I came across Grover Baxley through a recommendation of a fellow service member. To say the least, he was the most qualified to handle my case. Over the course of the months, I was placed on hold for orders, treated no better than a criminal and told over and over that my life would no longer be the same. Throughout the case, I maintained my innocence and finally came the day of my administrative separation board. The government (as Mr. Baxley called my command) had no evidence other than the single charge they initially came up with. Every time the prosecution would attempt to persuade the board members via misinformation, Mr. Baxley was diligent in shutting them down and removing any supposed evidence they had obtained. When it came to the forensic toxicologist, he managed to get the toxicologist to concur that the government had absolutely nothing but a single test result. As a result, the board members saw the truth in the matter. Although my command continually attempted to base all findings on a preponderance of evidence, in the end they had none. Their evidence couldn’t even support a preponderance of such. Closing arguments showed that not only had I chosen the best representation a Armed Forces Member could find, but I had essentially gained relief in the fact that I was going to win my case after the most intense four months of my life. The final vote by the board members was 3-0 no misconduct and to be retained by my service. If you are searching for someone who not only represents you to the best of their ability but guides you through every step of the way than do not, and I repeat DO NOT look any further than Mr. Baxley. He will do everything in his ability to get you the absolute best outcome imaginable. In the end, the money you spend on his service will be nothing compared to what you make in your military career/contract.

Navy E-4

Mr. Baxley,

We want to take a moment and say thank you for all you have done for our son. If it wasn't for you and your expertise, our son may have been let go by the Navy. We are just a middle class family who happen to love and trust each other, that is why we chose to hire you for this case and you proved us right. With this being said we also know our son has grown from this situation and appreciates you also. May you always be blessed with what is good in life.


Parents of Navy E-4

Mr. Baxley,

Please read the [decision memorandum] from the Major General.  I just want to personnaly [sic] thank you for all of your support and legal counsel throughout this process.  I am so relieved that this process has come to a close and that I will be able to continue my military career.  Sir thank you again and your legal team.


Army Sergeant

I hired Mr. Baxley for a urinalysis case. I am in the National Guard and had to prove my innocence at a board hearing in order to remain in the Army. He was extremely knowledgeable and did all the right things in order to convince the board of my innocence. I believe that if I had used the lawyer appointed to me by the Army I would have lost the case. I would hire him again without question.

Army O-1

9 months ago was the start of a scary & Long journey for my family. My son, a marine of 8 years, respected & honored by his command had been thrown into solitary confinement for 37 days after being accused of sexual assault. 

We were alone in our struggle to contact his place of confinement & find out any news. It wasn't until I found Mr. Baxley who immediately was able to SEE my son. He assured me while my son was not happy, he was safe & we would fight for his freedom.

He made sure first he was moved out of [solitary] confinement, Thank God. Then  he worked to make sure my son's side was told & proven. Mr. Baxley never promised anything he could not get.  Mr. Baxley was kind, well informative & very knowledgeable in military law. I knew when the Jag attorney told me he was honored to work with him and had sat in lectures Mr. Baxley had taught, I had made the right decision in hiring him. We were looking at up to 10 years if convicted for all charges. Mr. Baxley fought for & obtained a Pre-Trial Agreement. Which got my son time served & a Bad Conduct Discharge with no pay or allowance forfeitures!  Most importantly, he can freely be involved in his children's lives because he was proven innocent on several made up or over-exaggerated [sexual assault charges].  Thank you for saving my son's life & giving him back to us but most of all to his two kids!  

I truly believe if not for Mr. Baxley's expertise and knowledge of how military law works, my son would still be sitting in the brig 12 hours away from home. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thankful Mom

Mother of Marine Sergeant

Mr. Baxley,

I wanted to take a little time to thank you sincerely for everything you have done regarding my case.  I know it is your profession, and I paid for your representation, but I am truly grateful that you stood by my side through all of this.  A lot of people lost faith in me, and disassociated themselves from me because of these charges and the adjudicative process. As a combat vet with a lot of deployments it is great to have a battle buddy at your side, someone who is looking out for you, someone you can count on.  That is how I view you, I always looked at this case from that mentality and I am grateful that you were there for me. 

My situation was unique; this case was unique, especially with the amount of time that it took.  Not sure how many soldiers go into a Special Court Martial and walk out with their rank and in my opinion a minimal punishment.  I know that I did, and your advice and efforts got me in the position to reach that outcome.  In all honesty, the results of that Special Court Martial were beyond the best possible outcome.  My wife and I are still wondering how we got through this with that result. 

In my opinion, not enough people in America appreciate the justice system, and defense attorneys.  You represent the unwanted, the lonely, the individuals that are outcasts, and you do it with humility and without judgment.  You serve a very noble cause that affects the lives of hundreds of soldiers, possibly thousands, and you do it successfully with everything.  I truly appreciate you and I am thankful that you had my best interests at heart.

Moreover, because of you I have the possibility to resurrect what is left of my career.  My family thanks you, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.    

You can bet that if I cross someone who is in legal trouble, I will without a doubt send them your way, and trust that they will be taken care of!

Army E-7

I am in the business of knowing professionalism. I am a senior non-commissioned officer that recently went through the court martial process. I cannot sum up Mr. Baxley’s performance in one word. My life was on the line and he performed to the highest of standards. He let me decide how to do certain parts of my proceedings, such as picking the jury and deciding whether or not to testify. Mr. Baxley worked tirelessly for my 3 day court-martial, I can attest to the fact that that I think he only slept about 3 hours the entire time he was here. He saved my life and my family and did so with no arrogance. I wish that I had the vocabulary to explain just how amazing he really is. I am an excellent NCO and I have the evaluations to prove it. I know excellence and Grover Baxley is an excellent attorney. If you absolutely must fight a court-martial, then he is the person you want in your corner.
Army E-7

Attorney Price,

Thank you again for your professionalism, promptness, organization, and commitment to my case. I sincerely believe that I could not have had better representation and am entirely comfortable with your efforts. Regardless of the outcome, I would recommend your services to anyone with such a need. Your personal character was also appreciated.

DoD Civilian Employee


I’m emailing you all a quick note about my Physical Evaluation Board for military medical retirement:

I just got a call from the PEB Liaison at the hospital and he told me my findings were in: 60% disability with Temporary Retirement. This means...

The finding I was given was what my attorney, David Price, and I felt would be the best possible outcome...

I’ll talk with everyone later in the week when I have time. Thank you ALL for your wonderful letters of support & praise to the PEB board. I cannot thank you enough. And, David, you were amazing in your representation, and there is no doubt in my mind that the board’s decision is due to your efforts.

I have spoken to Mr. Price twice on the phone regarding my security clearance investigation. I wish to report the investigation has been completed and it turned out exactly as Mr. Price said it would. No issues and clearance granted.

I want to send you all my most sincere thanks and tell you I will be your biggest advocate with my collegues in any and all legal matters.

It is very rare to find a person or a firm that treats you like a human being instead of like a "Client". Mr Price gave me excellent advice about how to handle the situation (including to just relax and calm down!) and really set my mind at ease.

I cannot thank you enough for the work you do for service members and wish you well in the future.

DoD Civilian Employee

Comment from a Referring Attorney:

Attorney Price,

After we spoke I called [the client], and he is the happiest I have heard him in 10 months. It’s been a long, difficult road for him. Now, he can put all of it behind him.

I told [the client], that if anyone could get his clearance back, it was you. And, you proved me right! Congratulations on a job well done.

Best regards,

Referring Attorney

I would just like to thank Grover Baxley for the excellent work he put forth in my case. He and his staff constantly gave me updates on the case which kept my mind at ease. The representation I was given was so professional and wise that it made the prosecution look like the circus was in town. The case was over quick and the verdict was pretty easy to predict since Grover laid out the evidence Johnny Cochran style. I would refer any person in the Armed Forces who comes under any kind of serious allegations to call Grover Baxley and give yourself the peace of mind and stress relief you deserve. After all, it's only your career and future at stake.

Army E-7

Seven years ago when I enlisted, I hadn't decided if military life was right for me. After Basic Military Training and Technical School, I quickly adapted to military life and I loved it. I served my first enlistment flawlessly without so much as a counseling. I chose to re-enlist immediately after 9/11, and volunteered to retrain into a career field in direct support of the war. After I left for training I was awarded a Joint Commendation Medal for my efforts at my first duty station.

I worked in that field for almost three years. I volunteered endlessly and always received the highest scores from my annual evaluations. I loved my squadron and it was the first time I felt I was really in the military. I had decided to make a career of it. When someone made an anonymous allegation against me and I was facing a court martial, jail time, and the embarrassment of my reputation being rinsed down the drain, I saw very quickly how fast the people I felt so close to could turn on me. My command made it seem as if I had never been a part of them, as if the person they had gained so much from never existed. I was never given the benefit of the doubt, and immediately I was pushed away without anyone to talk to or help me. My command placed no faith in my innocence and I knew at that point that I needed help to salvage my life and career.

After I retained Grover Baxley to help me with my situation, he worked endlessly to ensure I would be able to walk away proudly and with minimal impact on the rest of my life. Through his efforts, I was able to avoid a court-martial entirely and we secured an administrative separation with a favorable characterization of my service. I was able to keep all of my veteran's benefits and get out proudly, the way I served! Thank you Grover!

Air Force E-5

It is often said that 'you get what you pay for' and that holds very true when it comes to military law and the protection of your military career. Grover Baxley and his staff are experienced with military and civilian law. Grover served as a military attorney so he knows the in's and out's of the system within. As for me, I am a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy and I retained Grover for a case that I was faced with. I was faced with the threat of NJP and was ultimately taken to an administrative separation board where my 21+ year career was at stake. At every step in the process, Grover’s advice and expectations of my command’s actions were right-on! He is very perceptive and knows how to and when to strike in order to get the very best outcome for your case. I was totally astonished and very impressed with Grover's representation and performance and I have recommended him to other military members that I know and have met. He recently was also successful with one of my junior Enlisted members that recently was faced with a military legal case and administrative separation board.

I would have never thought that I would be faced with such an experience, especially not as a Senior Enlisted member and being a member that has always been 'by the book' with a stellar, spotless record and military career. Grover is highly professional and protects his clients in every area. He truly has your best interest at heart! He is very respectful and very down to earth. Most importantly, you get the honest truth from Grover that is backed by years of knowledge, experience and expertise that the JAG community could never even come close to. Grover is up front and is not afraid to confront anyone in the military, even Admirals, when it comes to your case. Grover is with you and stays with you throughout the entire situation from the onset. Additionally, just because your situation at your command is finished does not mean that Grover's work is done. He follows up to ensure that you are in the clear in all respects, that all your rights are honored and that you are not haunted with anything relating to the case ever again.

Thanks to Grover, my case resulted in complete success. I was found to have committed No Misconduct and I am now able to retire honorably, on my own time and my own terms. Grover Baxley specializes in military legal issues, especially NJPs, administrative boards and court-martials. There is no other choice if you are ever faced with anything legal that could possibly negatively affect your military career. Don't wait and LOOK NO FURTHER...........Grover Baxley is the legal counsel you need!!!

Navy E-7

After 28 years of Navy service and rising to the rank of Master Chief, my command notified me that I had supposedly tested positive on a urinalysis test for cocaine. Without giving me any benefit of the doubt, I was taken to a Special Court-Martial, where I faced the possibility of being put in jail and having my entire career and retirement taken from me. I hired Grover Baxley to defend me because I heard that he was one of the best. I talked to other lawyers, but after talking with Grover, he made me feel confident in his abilities and that things would work out. At my court-martial, I was found not guilty due to the expertise of my defense counsel. Grover Baxley is an outstanding trial lawyer. He enters the court room extremely well-prepared and fights hard to defend his clients. For whatever defense you need, he is the best! Because of Grover’s hard work and dedication to my case, I was able to save my career and will someday proudly retire as an E-9.
Navy E-9

Grover Baxley is top notch! In a situation where my 10 year naval career was put in jeopardy by false accusations and a dishonest Senior Enlisted Leader, my command attempted to administratively discharge me after I refused Captain’s Mast. I contacted Mr. Baxley and he rose to the occasion. Honest and direct, he kept me well-informed from start to finish, and was always prompt and accurate in answering any questions or concerns that I had. His entire staff was supportive and rebuilt my confidence not to submit to the pressures of my command by just getting out and ending my career. When it came to my actual discharge board, Mr. Baxley was well-spoken, direct in his line of questioning, and had a clear vision of where he wanted the case to go and took it there. I was impressed with the organization of my case, and very pleased with the results at my board. I highly recommend Mr. Baxley in any and all military legal matters.
Navy E-5

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re searching for an attorney. I was doing the very same thing in late 2006. I am an active duty Navy Chief who has seen many active duty people in trouble with the law. Bad things happen to good people, and good people sometimes just make poor decisions. Either way, when active duty people need legal representation, I always advise they seek a competent civilian lawyer who is familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the workings of military commands.

I never thought I would ever be someone who needed legal representation to save my military career, but I can assure you without reservation, I would NOT be a Navy Chief today had I not selected Grover Baxley to represent me at an Administrative Separation Board.

My troubles stemmed from a civilian court charge. I worked closely with my command and Legal Officers from start to finish. Despite assurances I was given that my command supported me and would not pursue disciplinary action against me once the issue was resolved in town, that’s not what happened. An Administrative Separation Board was convened to determine whether I should be retained for Naval service. I trusted my command and Legal Officers, but the reality is that they represent the Commanding Officer and Navy. NOT having someone representing ME almost cost me my career.

Fortunately, I was able to find and hire Grover Baxley to represent MY interests. Mr. Baxley did a phenomenal job of researching every aspect of my case and arrived to my Administrative Separation Board 100% prepared. His professionalism and composure helped me maintain a level head throughout the most difficult day in my life, and without question made a positive impact on the Board members.

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe Mr. Baxley’s performance at the Board. He is a likeable person of impressive intellect, so he was easily able to interject important points for my defense when required without upsetting the people involved in the proceedings. His ability to challenge the prosecutor and testimony against me in a firm but respectful way scored high at the board. I saw characteristics in Mr. Baxley’s performance I never even thought about, never mind recognizing how his demeanor could work in my favor.

You’re reading this because you need legal assistance. If you want the best, you want Mr. Baxley in your corner. He saved my career, my retirement benefits, and I am STILL a Proud Navy Chief thanks to his excellence! I can never say it enough or with more heartfelt conviction, but thank you Mr. Baxley. You’re the BEST.

Navy E-7

There are not enough nice things to say about Grover Baxley!!! I was charged with numerous counts by my Command. I thought my life and career were over. I contacted Grover Baxley and set up a meeting with him, told him everything that was happening, and gave him all documentation. Grover was very professional in the way he handled my case. My command wanted to 'hang me out to dry' even though I was a very respected person at my command. Grover held nothing back, and kept me and my wife informed every step of the way. Once Grover called me at my home and told me my command wanted to proceed with one of the charges. This enraged me, and I told Grover that I would not take this lying down, as I knew this charge was bogus. I was ready to take this all to the end, but Grover worked diligently on my case and in the end that particular charge was dropped, along with various other charges.

Due to Grover’s hard work and knowledge of the system, I was able to retain ALL of my benefits, as well my retirement. I put in over twenty years in the Coast Guard, and was very disappointed in the way my command treated me on my way out. But Grover made sure that my twenty years was not in vain. Grover is young looking, but don't let that fool you. Grover presented himself well in my Court Martial!!! I feel Grover made the Prosecuting Attorneys look like they were fresh out of Law School in the way Grover presented himself and in the way he represented me.

To Grover... I hope you never tire of protecting the innocent. You are a valued person to my family and me. I owe everything to you and your staff!!! If it was not for you, I would have never salvaged everything you fought for on my behalf.

Coast Guard E-6

My promotion to Major was on hold, my security clearance was taken, my ten years of dedicated service to the Air Force were in jeopardy, my freedom hung in the balance, and most importantly…my reputation was at stake! When faced with the biggest challenge of my professional career, I turned to Grover Baxley for help.

There is absolutely no one else more qualified to represent the men and women of the Armed Services in legal matters than Grover Baxley. His active duty experience as a defense counsel in the Air Force and current service in the Air Force Reserve make him supremely qualified and solidify his credibility with court members.

During my trial, Grover’s integrity, honesty, skill, knowledge, preparation, and experience shined. His mastery of his profession dwarfed the prosecution and I was exonerated of all charges and walked out of the courtroom a free man.

If you are in need of legal representation…look no further. Grover Baxley is undoubtedly your best choice!

Air Force O-4

Dear CAPT Price:

I can't adequately express my gratitude for your professional assistance and personal compassion that you have afforded me during the very worst time of my life - many, many thanks!

I guess something good comes out of every situation - I met a patriot/lawyer who represented me well, was more than fair regarding compensation for their work, and provided emotional support and encouragement when I desperately needed it. I know from working for the former VCJCS that being considered a true "shipmate" is considered an honor in the Navy - well we have an equivalent in the Army - I would share a foxhole with you anytime!

Many Thanks.

DoD Civilian Employee

Dear Captain Price--

When I needed to select a lawyer to take my case, I hoped to find someone who would not only be an effective advocate, but who understood the meaning of being an officer in the armed forces. Your background as a senior JAG corps officer, and the fact you had been a military judge was a key factor in this decision. The brotherhood of the officer corps is something that I take very seriously; you cannot trust your life and those of others to those who do not understand concepts like loyalty, sacrifice and honor. You do, and that is rare.

Last June, my father gave me a sound piece of advice--"Get a lawyer. Get a good one." I did.

Please stay in touch; should your work or holidays take you out here, please be assured of a warm welcome. You will be receiving an invitation to "The Mother of All Wetting Downs" in the near future.

DoD Civilian Employee

Three reasons why [client] should talk to Grover Baxley: 1) He is the best civilian defense attorney that I have seen on a case both in pre-trial matters and on his feet. 2) He has been doing this stuff for years (particularly drug cases) 3) He got an acquittal here at Fort [redacted] and Judge [redacted] said he was the best Civilian that has ever stood before him.

If [client] wants the best, here he is.

Army Senior Defense Counsel

After being in the Navy for 11 years, I found myself facing charges that had the potential to reach a total of 15 years of confinement and a Bad Conduct Discharge. Grover Baxley worked diligently on my case from the minute I told him I wanted him to represent me. Mr. Baxley’s knowledge of the UCMJ was impeccable. He knew every move the prosecution made before they ever made it. Because of his expertise and the way he diligently researched every aspect of my case, I only ended up serving 29 days of confinement time and did not receive a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Through this whole nightmare that lasted for nine months Mr. Baxley was there every step of the way. He always talked with me and assured me that everything was going to be okay. Throughout this process, Mr. Baxley was in Virginia and I am stationed in Guam. Despite the distance between us, he treated me just as if I were right next door. I felt very comfortable knowing that my future rested in his hands. I would highly recommend Grover Baxley to ANYONE. If you are in the military and facing legal issues, I strongly urge to you to hire an attorney rather than only taking the legal representation the military offers. Grover Baxley is the way to go.

Navy E-6

Dear Grover,

When I first called your office, my husband and I were lost and unsure if life would ever get better. How I found your website, I will never know. Call it luck… synchronicity… a ray of hope. We were both very impressed and satisfied with our decision to go with your services. I can’t begin to tell you how much better we felt knowing you were defending [Client]. Each step of the way, you helped us understand a very confusing process; and prepared us for every possible outcome. Every time an obstacle popped up we were confident you would know which direction to take. Thanks for all your hard work. I am so happy that [Client] will be permitted to continue his career. And thank you for always asking if we were doing okay; that was so unexpected and such a caring thing to do. If anyone I know ever needs your expertise and help, I will recommend you wholeheartedly!

Wife of USCG O-4

We will be forever grateful to Grover Baxley for his tenacious efforts and personal dedication that ensured our son received a favorable separation from the Marine Corps, instead of the Other than Honorable (OTH) discharge that the Corps had threatened.

When we first contacted Grover, our son had been dropped from Marine Corps School of Infantry Training at Camp Pendleton in San Diego for medical reasons. Although we had not retained him for legal services, Grover still spoke with us several times and provided legal advice that helped ensure our son was fully aware of his rights as a Marine. Grover’s obvious extensive knowledge and experience with military law, as well as his professionalism and personal commitment, were the reasons we chose him to represent our son when the Marine Corps threatened to discharge him with an Other than Honorable characterization. Grover’s advice and personal encouragement helped our son maintain a positive and hopeful attitude throughout several months of legal wrangling.

We absolutely recommend Grover to any person needing military legal assistance.

Mother of USMC E-2

Dear Attorney Price,

I am sure by now you know [redacted] was granted his security clearance. This little email is to say Thank you from me and the girls. I finally feel that we are on the last stages of the "road to recovery" for all of us too. This has been a very emotional roll a coaster for all of us. [Redacted] is doing so well. He has just re-enrolled again in school for the next semester. You cannot imagine the relief when we opened that letter. He and I were alone. We cried together ( I am still thanking the Lord) and laughed together. This was our final hurdle. You did such a great job and from the bottom of my heart I cannot say Thank you enough for being such a kind and understanding person not just an attorney. You are the best.

I hope your Christmas was a good one. From all of us we wish you a safe, happy and yes prosperious New Year. You will always be in my thoughts as a person who made it possible for us to continue on our path to recovery.

God Bless You and Keep You Safe

Wife of DoD Civilian Employee

Attorney Price,

I want to thank you for your professional services during this intense security matter. Your expertise and professionalism has provided me a sense of calmness and confidence that things will work out. Your expertise and ability to communicate at a moment's notice is much appreciated. Thanks again.

DoD Civilian Employee

Attorney Price:

I have received the response and reviewed it - flawless! You are incredible; I have no doubts, regardless of the outcome, you have really given your best effort. I have learned from this experience; however, if I ever encounter anyone in need of advisement or legal services for a clearance I will refer them to you. There is actually a federal talk website where individuals collaborate about their clearance status', etc.

With your permission, I would love to mention you there. Maybe inappropriate but my instincts say, "Who that?" Wow, I am impressed. I look forward to receiving my action. Please keep me and my clearance in your prayers. Thank you!

DoD Civilian Employee

Attorney Price,

I want to take this opportunity while we wait for a response to thank you for all your efforts. Whether the case goes positive or negative I felt you did a good and competent job. Its too bad I did not know of your firm during the first SOR things might have gone differently. I simply went with the lawyer suggested by our top security officer at XXXX. While the lawyer was ok I did not think he had a lot of expertise in handling security clearance denials, at least not the kind that I got. I always felt that my intent was the biggest issue and that some how my intent never got across.


DoD Civilian Employee

Mr. Baxley went way out of his way for me. The Government assigned defense wanted me to take a deal that he thought was good, it wasn't. The government didn't want to bargain, Mr. Baxley then wrote our own deal, which they accepted and only plead me guilty to what I actually did and we litigated the rest. Mr. Baxley made the prosecution look dumb. Numerous times he had to give advice to them so they didn't mess up the whole court-martial. The judge would roll his eyes at the prosecution, but when Mr. Baxley spoke he would listen attentively and even nod in agreement. Mr. Baxley made the government look like clowns. His closing statement put people in tears. Look no further, this is the right attorney for any court-martial. If I hadn't hired him, the government defense would have me still in the brig, I’m sure. Highly recommend him. Do not go to ANY court-martial without a civilian attorney, and get Mr. Baxley to do it. He will save your butt, after all the government plays games, and he's know what they are going to do before they do it.

Additionally, my brother, a LT. was at the trial, he has been involved in hundreds of legal cases. He said Mr. Baxley was the best he's ever seen and made the Government look like a joke.


I am a career Army NCO who was wrongly accused of using an illegal drug. Upon being notified of the charge, I was referred to the military Trial and Defense (TDS) lawyer who told me that I should accept the non-judicial punishment. Being innocent of any wrong doing, I refused the ART 15 and elected to be tried in a Court Martial. The TDS lawyer did not make me feel like he could properly represent me and prove my innocence. At this time I began researching military lawyers online and after typing in "Best Jag Defense," in the search engine, I came across Mr.Baxley. After contacting Mr.Baxley, I was 100% positive that he could not only represent me aggressively, but that he would fight vigorously to prove my innocence. During that first conversation he spent a good 30 to 45 minutes getting all of the facts and telling me how he would approach the case. I retained his services and felt like I finally had someone that would fight to uphold the integrity that I had spent 31 years building. We conversed on a regular basis and he continually kept me in the loop on the progress of my case. He also went out of his way while on a business trip, to type out a two page response to my chain of command, who had isolated me and attempted to give me an unproven and invalid Relief for Cause NCOER. Upon meeting Mr.Baxley for the first time during my motions hearing, I was thoroughly impressed with the calm and cool demeanor in which he handled himself in the court room. The judge had pretty much shot down all of our motions, but Mr.Baxley wasn't even phased; needless to say I was very upset and frustrated. I felt like the judge was doing the prosecutor’s job for him. Mr.Baxley very patiently and effectively explained the process and all of the reasons why I did not need to worry. A little over a month later, Mr.Baxley arrived to my actual court martial in top form. This man is a lyrical genius and word chess master, from the opening statement to the closing arguments he was focused, calm and in control. This demeanor, that I alluded to earlier, was the only reason that I was not a sweating train wreck while I sat there at the position of attention for 10 hours. His opening statement was nothing less than brilliant, and he held and maintained the panel’s undivided attention from start to finish. In comparison to the government’s opening, Mr.Baxley seemed to have the experience and grace of not just a seasoned trial lawyer, but the strategic mind of a battle hardened general. He never once tipped off the prosecutor to the direction of my defense until the witnesses were on the stand admitting their wrongdoing. In the end, the panel only deliberated for approximately 15 minutes and came back with the only verdict applicable, Not Guilty. Mr.Baxley not only saved my career and proved my innocence, but has and continues to ensure that my record is expunged of any and all wrongful accusations. This has been by far the most stressful situation I had ever encountered, but with the guidance of a great lawyer and man, it was bearable.
Army E-6

Attorney Price:

My wife and I want to thank you for your counsel. Your work while you were on vacation was greatly appreciated. The "plan" turned out just as you said it would and I am glad this matter is behind me. Working for the military means very much to me. Your steady hand makes my continued service a reality. Again, thank you for going out of your way to help me.

Army Civilian Contractor

Dear Grover:

Thank you for your unbelievable dedication and effort towards my case. The successful resolution to my case is a direct result of your hard work. Since the ruling of “No Misconduct" at my Board of Inquiry, I have been successfully reinstated into my branch of service. My career has soared once again. I have completed a tour in Afghanistan and am currently serving a tour in Iraq. I am also in the process of selecting to the next pay grade. Thanks, bless and take care.

Navy O-3

I was represented by Mr. Grover Baxley in my Special Court Martial case. I'm an E-7 in the Navy. I was facing more than 20 serious charges that could have lead to a bad conduct discharge, , reduction in rank to E-1 and 12 months jail time. The service, attention to detail, and the time and effort Mr. Baxley put into my case was unbelievable. I could call him anytime for advice. The price he charged does not even come close to the work and effort he put into my case. I had several attorneys in Hampton Roads who wouldn’t even touch my case. Mr. Baxley is one of the best. He’s well known and liked. Even during my time of illness, he would call and check on my family and myself and offer encouraging words for us. He’s a very supportive attorney. The Government had enough evidence and information to bring charges and prosecute me to the fullest at a Special Court Martial. He had my case reduced to a Summary Court Martial and the majority of my charges dropped. I pled guilty to one lesser charge with a sentence of ½ month’s pay for one month and a Non-Punitive Letter of Reprimand. Grover Baxley’s tireless efforts saved my Navy career and I retained my rank of E-7. This saved me over $700,000 in retirement benefits. He's worth the price. You will not get better service from any other attorney. He truly cares about his clients. He took my case on a short notice and provided outstanding and positive results. I strongly recommend his service as a military trial lawyer.
Navy E-7

I am an Air Force Senior Non Commission Officer with many years of outstanding military service. Even though I have never used marijuana, I was identified for marijuana use on a random urinalysis. The Air Force assigned me defense council who had never litigated a courts-martials as a defense attorney. I did not feel this was going to help me put forth the best defense possible, so I began contacting civilian attorneys licensed to practice law in military courts. Over the next several months, I contacted no less than 35 civilian attorneys. They were all very helpful in answering my many, many questions, but Mr. Baxley was by far the most patient with me and knowledgeable in terms of military urinalysis cases. When my command formally preferred charges against me, I hired Mr. Baxley to be my defense attorney. We went to work on my case right away. He requested lots of information from me such as family photos, character reference lists, medal citations, award nominations/wins, a summary of events and etc. He also provided me with several documents which had lots of important information about the courts-martial process. Throughout the process, Mr. Baxley would routinely email or call me with progress updates on my case.

When the date of my trial finally arrived, I was very nervous since I had so much riding on the outcome of the case. However, Mr. Baxley did a great job of helping me stay calm and maintain my military bearing during the trial. He is a master of courtroom strategy. He was totally prepared for everything the prosecutor threw at us. When the court was in recess, he would sit down with me and present me my options based on how he thought the trial was progressing. This was very useful because it helped me understand exactly what was happening and anticipate what could happen next. He would give me choices 1, 2 or 3 and then advise me which choice was most likely, second most likely and least likely to have a favorable outcome for me. He would also discuss the possible consequences to each of those choices. There were also several times where he presented me options and then told me which one he was he was going with simply to keep me informed about our strategy. Bottom line: I was involved in the decision making process and kept very well informed throughout my trial. After three very long and stress filled days, the jury found me Not Guilty of wrongfully using marijuana.

I am very grateful to Mr. Baxley for all of his hard work and aggressively representing me at trial. I honestly do not know where I would be right now if I had not put his knowledge and experience to work for me. I thank God everyday that He led me to Mr. Baxley and that with Mr. Baxley's help, I was found Not Guilty of these charges.

Air Force E-7

With seven good years into the Navy, I was notified that I had failed a urine test for cocaine. Even though there were a couple discrepancies with my case, my appointed JAG pretty much told me that I would receive an OTH discharge. With all I had invested into the Navy and an otherwise good track record, I decided to look to look elsewhere. After speaking with a couple different attorneys, I knew Mr. Baxley was the best choice. His knowledge and confidence in dealing with these cases was immediately obvious. After taking him on, he was there every step of the way making sure we went into the admin sep board with every possible advantage, whether that was getting my difficult ex-girlfriend to make a statement or just walking me through the process. He made sure everything was taken care of. At the board, it was immediately obvious that he was the most experienced and persuasive person in the room. His skill with words and attention to detail throughout the board resulted in me receiving a No Misconduct finding. Thanks to Mr. Baxley, I'm able to finish my Naval career honorable. My family and I are forever grateful.
Navy E-5

I just got word a couple of days ago that my clearance was fully reinstated. My Col that was on my side during all of this made a surprise visit to the office that I have been temporarily assigned to let me know. Right now I'm just waiting on the local security office to get me back into the (three letter agency) program but from what they said and what the Col is saying I should be back to work within the next week or so. Finally this mess has been resolved. Thank you very much. Without your insight into how the process works and knowledge of how to build a strong reply I don't think I would have been able to get my clearance back. As I mentioned a while ago when I went to the ADC for help they didn't know anything about clearances and told me that there is a slim chance I would be able to keep my clearance.

If at any time during my career I here of or know of someone going through any clearance related issues I will be sure to give them your name and number. Once again thank you for everything, I can finally sleep peacefully knowing that this huge issue has been resolved.

Air Force O-4

Attorney Price--
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I can't even truly express my gratitude and relief. If not for your hard work and knowledge this couldn't have happened. Even though I had done the work to get my life on track, without your knowledge of how to put it together and present it, I don't think I would have been able to achieve this outcome. And thanks for being so kind to me. If ever I meet someone that needs an attorney's services for clearance adjudication, I would highly recommend that they contact you.

This means so much to me not just career-wise, but I'm dating a wonderful man who has a Top Secret and if I couldn't have gotten my clearance you can see where that would have caused difficulties for us.

Once again, thank you and God Bless you,

DoD Civilian Employee

I am writing this to express my extreme gratitude to Grover Baxley in representing me during my General Court Martial. I am a Navy Chief with 16 years of service, and was accused of and charged with Article 120 – Sexual Assault. The day after I was notified of the allegation I met with a so-called high profile lawyer in Virginia Beach who came off as pompous and insincere, only concerned with his fee immediately, and presented a scare-tactic to me of my case stating he could only do damage-control for me at this point. I immediately left and found a REAL HIGH-PROFILE lawyer the next day…..Grover Baxley.

The moment I sat down with Grover, he was genuinely open to hearing my case and circumstances, and was very sincere and endearing in his concern for me. He did not try to paint some “false pretty picture” for me, but gave me all the possible and likely outcomes straight forward. What stood out to me the most about that meeting was that he was very easy to talk to, and was immediately protective of my rights and well-being. It was only long after talking about the case, the possible outcomes, his protecting my immediate rights and character; that we finally talked about fees. That spoke volumes to me.

From the moment I signed the paperwork for him to represent me, my Commanding Officer and everyone involved with my case were contacted by Grover, and instructed that he will and must be notified well before I was to be questioned, or asked to sign a document, or do anything regarding my case. Every step of the process was coordinated and handled for me by Grover, to ensure that I was never mistreated or had my rights violated. Through 8 motion hearings and up through the week long Court Martial, I honestly feel what Grover charged me was nowhere near the compensation he deserved for the level of work he performed.

As a Chief who in a span of only 3 years was awarded 2 Navy Commendation Medals, the Bronze Star Medal, and a Navy Wide Leadership Award; I adamantly state I can recognize when a person is in the ELITE of his or her profession…and Grover is THE ELITE! His tenacious work ethic and profound legal expertise is the ONLY reason I was able to have my innocence proven, and to be found NOT GUILTY of the Article 120 Charge! Even after my Court-Martial, Grover continued to make sure that my rights were protected and honored. For his unwavering character, strong work ethic, and legal expertise; I am eternally grateful! I would proudly talk to any potential client who is considering hiring Grover Baxley to defend them, and give them my personal story of how he safeguarded my life!

Navy E-7

I'm an E6 promotable in the Army and failed a UA for two substances and Mr. Baxley defended me with urgency and true commitment. Mr. Baxley's advice and knowledge of the urinalysis program was displayed in my first court appearance and he dominated the court room as well as impressed onlookers. When it was time for my trial Mr. Baxley definitely identified all issues immediately and controlled what was beneficial to me as the client and hurt the prosecution. From the opening comment Mr. Baxley dazzled the courtroom with facts, case study, and actually turned a prosecution witness into a favorable witness for the defense. I was truly impressed by his knowledge and masterful expression of words that convinced the jury of my innocence. The jury deliberated for three hours and came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY. Mr. Baxley is truly an outstanding attorney and professional. I would like to thank Mr. Baxley for his hard work and dedication to my case.
Army E-6

I am a SSG in the Army. I came up positive for cocaine last year on a random unit drug test. After researching possible choices for representation I called Mr. Baxley for a free consultation about my case. I gave him the facts and an overview of my unblemished military career. After speaking with him a few more times I decided to retain him as my civilian counsel. From our first conversation it was extremely clear that Mr. Baxley was knowledgeable, confident, and beyond capable when handling military law. Mr. Baxley was always professional and straightforward, never making empty promises to build himself up. I was always walked through any process and kept informed every step of the way. My case was taken to a Special Court-Martial and found not guilty. Mr. Baxley dominated the court room from start to finish. I give my full endorsement for Grover Baxley to anyone needing counsel in dealing with military law. Simply put, Grover Baxley is second to none!
Army E-6

I would like to express my sincere thanks to David Price and JAG Defense in representing my case in regards to receiving my retirement after 18 years and 6 days of Naval service. The level of knowledge in Naval law and practices were superior and unmatched compared to the defense given by the Office of Judge Advocate General advisory. David Price was very genuine and passionate in ensuring me and my family received due justice from the Board of Correction of Naval Records which resulted in all back pay and allowances from the date of my discharge and all retirement entitlements from the date I would have retired. I cannot express in words the level of gratitude but I thank God He allowed me to find JAG Defense to represent and submit my petition. Job Well Done!!
Navy E-5

In November 2011, I had tested positive on a urinalysis for cocaine. I had no idea how this could have happened and it was an extremely small amount. I, of course, had the right to be appointed a free JAG officer, but as time went further I realized I needed a more experienced professional. I contacted Mr. Baxley and he was very informative on my situation. Up until talking with him I was unsure how this outcome would play out. Mr. Baxley represented me over a 2 day court martial taking all necessary steps to reach the verdict that was justified – I was found Not Guilty. Mr. Baxley is an outstanding and very knowledgeable defense attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.
Navy E-4

I was a board member for a case where Mr Baxley defended a 27+ year AFRES E-8 who had tested positive for cocaine back in 2007. I was so impressed by his ability that here it is 5 years later and I sought out this web page and felt compelled to put in some positive comments. Mr Baxley's defense was nothing short of zealous and made the prosecution look like incompetent, ill-prepared buffoons. The E-8 was absolved of the charges but not because of some BS technicality; the case was dismissed because the defense presentation could not be refuted by the prosecution. If I ever need an attorney, Grover Baxley is my only choice. This is a totally unsolicited recommendation. At the time I was on the panel, I was a Lt Col.
Air Force O-5

Attorney Price: My wife and I would like to appreciate you for dedicated service to my security clearance case. I was advised by the security specialist that it was not necessary to have a lawyer in order to respond to submit my response to Army CCF. After working with you to put together the solid response and receiving a favorable reply I am glad that I decided to work with you. I could not have put together such a strong response on my own not being aware of all it takes. I am glad that my case will not be going beyond the SOR as I have my clearance has now been conditionally reinstated. Thank you for your responsiveness, demonstrated expertise, and professionalism throughout the process – from the first day I contacted your office to even your sound counsel after I informed you of the favorable response. We highly recommend you to anyone needing assistance to put together a first-rate response.

DoD Contractor

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