Active Duty Air Force E-8 Cleared from Alcohol Abuse Charges

WEST COAST – Active duty Air Force E-8 issued Letter of Intent (LOI) to revoke clearance based upon Guidelines E – Personal Conduct; G – Alcohol Consumption and J – Criminal Conduct due to Conviction for DUI on multiple occasions; failure to disclose all DUIs on the security clearance application; consumption of alcohol for many years to the point of passing out; issuance of bench warrant for failure to pay court imposed fine; court ordered alcohol treatment program; placement in detoxification program; failure to cease consuming alcohol; statement to OPM background investigator of the intent to continue drinking alcohol and failure to document statements regarding outpatient counseling/treatment. Upon review of Response to LOI documenting rehabilitation and change of behavior clearance was granted by the Air Force Central Adjudication Facility (AFCAF) with caution and conditions to continue demonstration of abstinence from consumption of alcohol; but without the necessity of a personal appearance before an Administrative Judge. Result FOR THE APPLICANT, clearance granted.