Navy GS-15 Cleared After Sexual Affairs While Stationed Abroad

WEST COST – A GS-15 for the Department of the Navy was found to have failed to disclose a number of security issues under Adjudicative Guidelines:  E – Personal Conduct, D – Sexual Conduct, B – Foreign Influence, during previous security clearance investigations over a period of 10+ years. These issues included his solicitation of foreign prostitutes while traveling on official government business, his live-in extramarital affairs with numerous foreign women while stationed in foreign countries, and other “high risk” sexual behavior with foreign nationals. JAG Defense worked with the client over a period of 18 months while awaiting his LOI/SOR, facilitating counseling and rehabilitation. After detailed written response to SOR, the Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility (DONCAF) found FOR THE APPLICANT and the TS/SCI clearance was granted without the necessity of having to go through a Personal Appearance.