Air Force O-4 Cleared from Inappropriate Touching While Intoxicated

WEST COAST – Air Force O-4 given an Article 15 for inappropriately touching an enlisted member while intoxicated. Approximately a year later, the officer was given a 2nd Article 15 for another alcohol-related incident, and a Letter of Reprimand for failing to disclose the 2nd incident during his Top Secret clearance periodic review. Based upon these incidents, our client was issued a Letter of Intent to Revoke his Security Clearance under Adjudicative Guidelines:  J – Criminal Conduct, G – Alcohol Consumption, and E – Personal Conduct, and his command began preparations for a subsequent administrative discharge action. Upon being retained, JAG Defense prepared a compelling response package to the Letter of Intent, which successfully mitigated all concerns. Result: Client retained Top Secret clearance and command has ceased all discharge processing.