CAF Found for the Applicant After Seven Page SOR

WEST COAST – Client Federal Government civilian employee with Department of Defense issued a seven page Statement of Reasons (SOR) under Adjudicative Guidelines: E – Personal Conduct and G – Alcohol Consumption based upon a previous “due process” adjudication of the client’s clearance a number of years ago for allegations under Adjudicative Guidelines for Personal Conduct, Alcohol Consumption, Drug Involvement and Criminal Conduct and for derogatory interview information about the client’s honesty and trustworthiness, inaccuracies in time card recording, failure to complete assigned responsibilities on a Temporary Duty Assignment, inexplicable and unexplained absences from work over a significant period of time, disruptive working relationships, unusual attendance patterns at work indicative of weekend excessive alcohol consumption, failures to properly account for leave periods, use of an inordinate amount of leave days and times, previous administrative disciplinary actions for similar misconduct and previous involvement with law enforcement to include flight from justice and subsequent arrest. After responding in detail to all of the allegation sin the SOR the Central Adjudication Facilty found FOR THE APPLICANT and granted the clearance without the necessity of a Personal Appearance.