JAG Defense is a civilian law firm specializing exclusively in Military Law and Security Clearance Law.  Our legal practice is based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but our Military Lawyers travel all over the world to provide highly experienced, attentive representation for our clients.

Our country’s military justice system is extremely unique. As such, military members facing disciplinary action within the military need lawyers who are specifically experienced in military law. At JAG Defense, our Military Attorneys are retired and former military lawyers (JAGs) who have served in every facet of the military justice system – from prosecutors to defense counsel, from Staff Judge Advocates to Military Judges. As JAGs, we counseled those accused of crimes and we counseled Generals and Admirals on what military justice actions should be taken. As a result, our Attorneys know the military justice system inside and out and are frequently asked to train active duty military attorneys in specific areas of military law. Since leaving active duty, Donna P. Price (CAPT (ret.), USN), Grover H. Baxley (Maj, USAFR), and David A. Wagner  (CAPT (ret.), USN) have dedicated their careers to the aggressive, effective representation of military members. We now bring our extensive military justice knowledge to our clients’ defense tables in each and every case.

Please explore our website, review our list of Representative Cases and Frequently Asked Questions, and read what former clients have to say about us on our Testimonials page. Once you get a feel for who we are and how we operate, we are confident that you will find that the military lawyers at JAG Defense are your clear choice for military representation.


"Thank you for Donna Price's help and support. The professionalism along with the amount of understanding made the process much easier and successful. In considering the correct choices I have made during my career, using JAG Defense rates among the best."

DoD Civilian Employee

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