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From your first thoughts of applying for a clearance, requesting assistance in completing the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF86/e-QIP), through final adjudication of your clearance, the attorneys at JAG Defense can assist you with your case.

Our security clearance Attorneys have experience with virtually every agency that adjudicates or is involved in the investigation and adjudication of clearances: DoD (and every branch of service or Central Adjudication Facility), DSS, DISCO, OPM, DOHA, DoS, DoJ, DoE, DHS, TSA, CIA, NSA, NASA, and others.  Whether you are a government employee (military or civilian) or an employee of a company that contracts with the government, regardless of the level of clearance or access concerned, and regardless of which Federal Agency is adjudicating your clearance – the Attorneys at JAG Defense have the necessary background and experience to assist you.

Further, JAG Defense will let you know whether it is even in your best interests to consider applying for or accepting a position that requires a clearance or special program access. For most people “lose the clearance, lose the job” are the applicable terms, so it is better to know at the outset whether you have a reasonable chance to obtain a clearance before making a significant professional decision.

While browsing JAG Defense’s website, we encourage you to check our listing of Representative Cases to see the type of situations and agencies with which we have assisted our clients. You may also download the actual judicial opinions/decisions of the actual cases that our Attorneys have handled by visiting our Security Clearance Decisions webpage.  In addition, please review our Frequently Asked Questions webpage, where we have listed some of the most common questions we receive regarding security clearances. Most importantly, we encourage you to review the biographies of our Attorneys. Unlike many other law firms practicing security clearance law, at JAG Defense you will work exclusively with licensed attorneys, rather than with paralegals. When you call JAG Defense, you will speak to the specific attorney that is handling your case, rather than a member of that attorney’s support staff. At JAG Defense, our security clearance defense attorneys take pride in the hands-on approach and personal attention they bring to each and every case.

If you feel that you are in need of representation regarding a security clearance issue, please do not hesitate to contact JAG Defense for a consultation with a security clearance defense lawyer today.

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