Clearance Granted for Active Duty Officer Despite Significant Bureaucratic Errors by Command

EUROPE:  Client active duty officer issued Letter of Intent (LOI)/Statement of Reasons (SOR) under Adjudicative Guidelines: B – Foreign Influence, C – Foreign Preference, E – Personal Conduct, and F – Financial Considerations, based upon being identified in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) file regarding suspected provision of false statements to a financial institution for a loan to purchase property; failing to list all relatives in the SF86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions, denying possession of a passport from another country when a dual national, failure to disclose required negative financial information, as well as a number of Tax Liens and Collection accounts totaling in excess of $110,000.00, and being subject for both Foreign Preference and Foreign Influence.  The case presented one of the most complex procedural situations based upon the command’s failure to properly process paperwork resulting in conflicting guidance between the Central Adjudication Facility and the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals concerning the status of the adjudication, however, based upon the written submission prepared to respond to the SOR the clearance was eventually granted.