Master Sergeant Retained in Air Force Reserve with No Misconduct Found

A Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve with over 28 years of service tested positive on a random urinalysis test for cocaine. Without so much as a shred of additional evidence, our client’s command immediately recommended administrative discharge and sought to characterize his service as Under Other Than Honorable Conditions. At his subsequent administrative discharge board, our cross-examination of the client’s Commander highlighted the command’s rush to judgment. Further, the Commander admitted under oath that he blatantly ignored later allegations of misconduct by individuals involved in the collection of our client’s urinalysis sample that were brought to his attention. The O-6 Senior Member of the administrative discharge board was so troubled by the Commander’s inaction that he initiated an independent investigation into his handling of the situation. In addition, the panel voted that our client committed NO MISCONDUCT and he was RETAINED in the Air Force Reserve.