Air Force Officer Cleared of BAH Fraud

Air Force O-4 was accused of stealing Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and travel voucher entitlements totaling approximately $40,000. He was also charged with making five (5) false official statements as part of his alleged scheme. The allegations were based on his dependents’ BAH locations during an unaccompanied tour he took to Al Udeid AB, Qatar. Our client received BAH for NY for the entire year, despite the fact that his dependents primarily resided in OH and PA. At his court-martial, our cross-examination of the government’s finance witnesses using little-known provisions of the Joint Federal Travel Regulation established significant doubt/confusion regarding whether our client was entitled to NY BAH or not. Further, we presented significant evidence to demonstrate that our client lacked the specific intent to commit the offenses charged against him. RESULT: The officer panel found our client NOT GUILTY of all charges against him.