Army E-7 Found Not Guilty of Dereliction of Duty

Army E-4 abused inhalants while on duty in Iraq. A year later, a disgruntled Soldier posted a video of the inhalant abuse on YouTube and alleged that our client, an Army E-7, was aware of the abuse and took no action against the Soldier. As a result, the command charged our client with dereliction of duty, cruelty towards a subordinate, aiding and abetting, disorderly conduct, and false official statement. At our client’s ensuing court-martial, JAG Defense presented compelling additional information that the government’s investigation failed to uncover. In addition, we demonstrated that the disgruntled Soldier had a clear motive to fabricate allegations against our client and had a history of being a liar. Finally, we also called numerous character witnesses to vouch for our client’s good military character and character for truthfulness. Result: Without even having to testify, our client was found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES.