Army E-5 AWOL Charges Withdrawn and Dismissed, No Jail Time or Punitive Discharge

Army E-5 deserted on the eve of deployment and remained away for 3+ years. Upon his apprehension by civilian authorities, he was transported back to his prior duty station. His command preferred a General Court-Martial charge against him where he faced the possibility of 3 years confinement and a Dishonorable Discharge. JAG Defense worked with the Soldier over a period of months to ensure he received mental health counseling for his previously un-diagnosed PTSD, and prepared a compelling package in support of a request to resolve the situation administratively, rather than in a court-martial. Over the objection of the Soldier’s immediate chain of command, the convening authority agreed to WITHDRAW and DISMISS the court-martial charge against our client, and granted an administrative discharge instead. Result: Our client was able to return home with No Conviction, No Criminal Record, No Punitive Discharge, and No Confinement.