Coast Guard O-4 Retained After 2nd Alcohol Incident

Following an extremely successful command tour, a disgruntled subordinate initiated an EEO investigation against our client.  While the EEO claims were ultimately determined to be unsubstantiated, the investigation uncovered evidence that our client became excessively intoxicated during a junior officer’s “wetting down,” groped/fondled females at the bar, and led to his removal from the bar, urinating on the sidewalk, and failure to pay his taxi fare.  Our client was further charged with coercing his Chiefs Mess and Executive Officer into not reporting his behavior to the chain of command.  In addition, our client had a previous DUI 11 years earlier.  As a result, he received a 2nd “Alcohol Incident,” which requires mandatory discharge processing in the Coast Guard.  At his subsequent Board of Inquiry, we demonstrated that the allegations that our client coerced his Chiefs Mess and XO were entirely inaccurate, as were the allegations of groping and fondling females.  We further mitigated many of the additional allegations against him, and presented compelling evidence of his otherwise exceptional career.  Result: Despite 2 Alcohol Incidents, our client was retained in the U.S. Coast Guard and will retire honorably.