Dept. of Army Civilian Employee Cleared from Debt, Rape, and DUI

EUROPE – Civilian employee of Department of the Army issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) to revoke Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Access Eligibility and Security Clearance based upon Guideline F- Financial Considerations as result of five past due accounts, two accounts in collection and incomplete information provided regarding financial obligations. Upon failing to respond to the LOI, the access eligibility and clearance were revoked. Employee subsequently requested reconsideration of that decision, however, while it was being considered a subsequent LOI was issued based upon additional Guideline F – Financial Considerations arising, consisting of two accounts being placed for collection; Guideline J – Criminal Conduct as a result of a DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident; and two incident reports for sexual and criminal conduct (rape and sexual assault), three years apart, involving separate individuals; Guideline D – Sexual Behavior, regarding those two incident reports; Guideline E – Personal Conduct resulting from both the reported incidents as well as unfavorable information provided by others; and, Guideline G – Alcohol Consumption involving the above incidents. After consideration of the response to the LOIs prepared by our office, and without requiring a the necessity of a personal appearance, the Army’s Central Adjudication Facility (CCF) reinstated the Special Access Eligibility and Security Clearance.