Innocent Ingestion Defense for Positive Urinalysis

Army E-7 tested positive on random urinalysis for cocaine.  After hiring JAG Defense and following our advice, he refused his Article 15 and demanded trial by court-martial.  During our investigation into the circumstances surrounding his positive urinalysis test, we learned that he had ingested ron caña, a Puerto Rican homemade liquor made from sugarcane, that had been provided to him by a family member.  We arranged for the forensic testing of the ron caña, which revealed the presence of cocaine.  Armed with these test results, at our client’s ensuing court-martial, we elicited evidence scientifically corroborating the innocent ingestion defense from the government’s own expert witness, compelling him to concede that our client’s ingestion of the ron caña was entirely consistent with the urinalysis test results.  Our client did not even have to testify.  Result: Officer member panel found our client NOT GUILTY.