Investigation Uncovers Rampant Problems in Urinalysis Collection Program

Naval Academy Midshipman (and football player) tested positive on a urinalysis test for marijuana. The Naval Academy offered him a plea deal to accept administrative disenrollment/discharge from the Naval Academy with a General discharge characterization. Upon our advice, he refused. The Naval Academy elected to refer his case to a General Court-Martial. During JAG Defense’s exhaustive investigation into his case, we discovered rampant problems with the Naval Academy’s urinalysis collection program. At trial, we demonstrated over 25,000 errors on samples submitted over the past two years at the Academy on all samples submitted for testing, resulting in an overall error rate of 65%. During our cross examination of the Urinalysis Program Coordinator for the Naval Academy, we were able to force him to admit that he himself did not entirely trust the collection program, and that there might have been mistakes made with our client’s sample. Result: The panel of officer members deliberated for less than an hour before finding our client Not Guilty.