Marine Avoids Sex Offender Registration

Our client was a LCpl in the Marine Corps who was identified by the Department of Homeland Security as having engaged in attempted child sexual abuse by communicating with minors on the social media app Whisper. In addition, NCIS conducted an undercover operation on Whisper, which also identified our client as engaging in similar behavior with minors on Whisper, to include sending them photos of his genitalia. Prior to retaining JAG Defense, when questioned by NCIS about the allegations, our client fully admitted to his misconduct and consented to the search and seizure of his cell phone, which yielded additional evidence against him. The Marine Corps ultimately charged our client with numerous violations of the UCMJ. If convicted of these charges, our client was facing 90 years of confinement, a dishonorable discharge, and lifetime sex offender registration. After extensive pretrial negotiations, we were able to secure a pretrial agreement where our client pleaded guilty only to indecent language. All sex offense charges were withdrawn and dismissed, and our client both avoided a sex offender registration and was not punitively discharged from the Marine Corps.