JAG Defense Successfully Assisted Client in Reapplication After Denial

MIDDLE ATLANTIC – Client defense contractor was issued Statement of Reasons (SOR) under Adjudicative Guideline G – Alcohol Consumption as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol for approximately 37 years, having had a previous SOR issued after three alcohol-related incidents and two treatments for alcohol abuse/addiction, followed by continuing to consume alcohol with two additional alcohol-related incidents over the next decade as well as two additional periods of treatment for alcohol dependence, with the total circumstances of the case leading to the issuance of a second SOR.  After appearing at a Hearing the client’s clearance was revoked as it was determined that there had been an insufficient period of abstinence since the last incident and treatment.  Following the mandatory minimum one-year waiting period we assisted the client in a Reapplication After Denial for a clearance and having been able to document the client’s continued abstinence we were able to demonstrate a sufficient change in behavior and period of abstinence resulting in the client being cleared for a new security clearance.