Defense Contract Employee Cleared of Failure to Disclose Abuse

MIDDLE ATLANTIC – Applicant employee of a defense contractor was issued a Statement of Reasons (SOR) based upon Guideline E- Personal Conduct as a result of a 10 year period of drug use while on active duty in the military, testing positive two separate times while in the military, being administratively discharged from the military because of the positive urinalysis tests, continuing to abuse illegal drugs for a number of years after being discharged from the military for drug abuse; falsifying two separate SF-86 forms by failing to fully disclose drug use; being charged with possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia subsequent to completion of the most recent SF-86 (with the falsification allegation from that SF-86 mentioned above). After presentation of the case to the Administrative Judge the finding was FOR THE APPLICANT and the clearance was granted.