Senior NASA Official Cleared From False Investigative Statements

MIDDLE ATLANTIC – Applicant, senior official at NASA, issued a Letter of Intent to deny clearance based upon Guideline B (Foreign Influence) and Guideline L (Outside Activities) as a result of ownership interest in foreign business enterprise; Guideline F (Financial Considerations) and Guideline E (Personal Conduct) for failure to file State Income Tax returns for several consecutive years; Guideline L (Outside Activities) for consulting work concerning foreign business enterprise; Guideline E (Personal Conduct) and Guideline I (Emotional Mental and Personality Disorders) based upon statements from supervisors, co-workers and acquaintances indicating reservations in applicant having access to classified information; Guideline E (Personal Conduct) and Guideline F (Financial Considerations) resulting in the inactivation of applicant’s government credit card due to mismanagement of the account; and, Guideline F (Financial Considerations) due to unpaid account information in applicant’s credit report.

We prepared and submitted a “voluminous” response for Applicant documenting: gross distortion/fabrication of allegations; miss-statements in investigator’s summary of comments attributed to the sources of the allegations; demonstration of whistle blower retaliatory actions by former supervisors in an effort to use security clearance mechanism to “get back” at applicant; and clarification of delayed receipt of filed tax returns (vice not filing of tax returns) with no outstanding credit issues against applicant which resulted in clearance being granted to applicant. Action also taken to have unsupported allegations removed from Applicant’s OPM Investigative file in order to preclude ability to use this unsupported information in future clearance adjudication procedures.