Board of Inquiry Voted 3-0 to Retain Navy O-2E Despite Pattern of Sexual Harassment

Navy O-2E engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior with subordinate female Sailors. This behavior included telling numerous females, both orally and by email, that they “looked hot,” and suggesting to another that the command should install a stripper pole in the work station for her to dance on. Client was counseled informally by a supervisor but his behavior persisted. After slapping a female in the buttocks, client received a formal Letter of Instruction from the CO. Only months after receiving the Letter of Instruction, client made inappropriate comments to another female Sailor about her sweater “hiding her assets” and slapped her on the buttocks with a clipboard. JAG Defense worked with client for a year to facilitate his counseling and rehabilitation, and represented client at his subsequent Board of Inquiry for sexual harassment. At his Board, we convinced the victim of his sexual harassment to testify on his behalf, and presented compelling evidence of his remorse, his rehabilitation, and his commitment to refrain from such behavior in the future. Result: The Board voted 3-0 to RETAIN our client in the U.S. Navy.