Navy O-9 Cleared in GDMA “Fat Leonard” Scandal

Retired senior officer (O-9) alleged to have improperly accepted extravagant dinners and subsidized hotel rooms from a prohibited source (Department of Defense contractor) while serving as Navy Carrier Strike Group Commander. Also alleged to have improperly endorsed contractor by issuing letters of appreciation for services rendered during deployment. Part of Department of Justice, Department of Defense, U.S. Navy investigation into pervasive activity between active duty service members and company providing husbanding agent services that violated federal law and/or Department of Defense an U.S. Navy ethics regulations and standards of conduct. Reviewed pertinent portions of massive investigation, researched rules and procedures for unique Consolidated Disposition Authority (CDA) process, carefully scrutinized client involvement, sought out additional evidence, and drafted response to allegations.  Result: Recommendation from CDA to the Secretary of the Navy for no formal disciplinary action or loss of retired benefits.