September 2021

U.S. Air Force O-4, OSI Investigation, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Result: Proactive response leads to command dropping investigation.  No charges filed.

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Fraud Charges Dropped Against AF Officer

Air Force O-5 stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany came under investigation by the Munich Customs Investigations Office for Value Added Tax fraud.  The allegations spanned a period of over four years and a total alleged fraud of approximately $25,000.  Based on the German investigation, the officer was also facing charges with the Air Force.  We worked quickly with the client to put together a comprehensive, well-supported package demonstrating that no fraud had occurred.  Following our submission, the Air Force dropped all charges against our client.  Our client was subsequently able to use the package to fight the recoupment efforts made against him by the German government.

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August 2021

U.S. Army E-6 Special Court-Martial, Fort Stewart, GA
Result: Full Acquittal

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July 2021

Navy Lieutenant Security Clearance Adjudication for Failure to Disclose Delinquent Accounts
Result: Favorable Adjudication from DoDCAF (Clearance Retained)

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June 2021

Department of Energy Security Clearance Adjudication for Drug Use, Bond Amendment
Result: Top Secret (Q) Clearance Retained

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May 2021

U.S. Army O-4 Board of Inquiry, Fort Knox, KY
Result: Retained

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TSgt Cleared Despite Two Positive Urinalysis Tests

USAF TSgt tested positive for marijuana on a medical drug screen.  Using that test result as the basis for probable cause, his command ordered him to provide another urinalysis sample 3-4 weeks later.  That sample also tested positive for marijuana.  Since the tests were so far apart, they were definitively NOT the result of a single exposure to marijuana.  Based on these test results, the command initiated administrative separation.  At his board hearing, we presented evidence that our client had been unknowingly consuming THC-infused vodka at or near the time of both urinalysis tests.  We presented expert testimony from a forensic toxicologist who confirmed that our client’s nanogram levels were consistent with consuming this laced vodka, perhaps without even feeling any marijuana-related effects.  We further presented compelling evidence of our client’s otherwise exceptional career and character.  Result: The board members unanimously voted that our client had committed No Misconduct and Retained him in the Air Force.

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April 2021

U.S. Air Force E-6 Administrative Separation Board, Sheppard AFB, TX
Result: No Misconduct/Retain

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March 2021

Civilian Contractor Security Clearance Adjudication for Foreign Influence
Result: Statements of Reasons Withdrawn following Response (Secret Clearance Retained)

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February 2021

U.S. Army E-6 Special Court-Martial, Wheeler Army Airfield, HI
Result: Full Acquittal

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