June 2023

U.S. Navy E-5 Discharge Board, NSA Bahrain
Result: No Misconduct/Retain

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May 2023

U.S. Air Force E-6 Discharge Board, Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC
Result: No Misconduct/Retain

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April 2023

Federal Employee Security Clearance Adjudication for Bringing Firearm Components into SCIF
Result: Favorable Adjudication from DoDCAF (Clearance Retained)

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March 2023

U.S. Navy O-5, U.S. Naval Academy, MD
Result: Positive Urinalysis Investigation Dropped Due to Poppyseed Ingestion

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February 2023

U.S. Air Force O-3 General Court-Martial, Lackland AFB, TX
Result: Full Acquittal

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E-7 Retained Despite ADAPT Failure

An Air Force E-7 self-referred to ADAPT for alcohol abuse and entered treatment. Over the course of almost a year, our client attended multiple detox clinics, in-patient rehabilitation centers, and out-patient treatment programs.  Despite these ADAPT efforts, our client relapsed repeatedly (7x) during his treatment plan and was deemed an “ADAPT treatment failure.” Our client’s chain of command initiated administrative separations proceedings against him.  At his subsequent administrative separation board, we presented compelling evidence of his continued efforts to maintain sobriety, significant underlying mental health issues that led to his use of alcohol, and his overall exceptional military career. Result: The administrative separation board voted to RETAIN our client in the Air Force.

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January 2023

U.S. Air Force Administrative Separation Board, Hanscom AFB, MA
Result: ADAPT Failure Retained

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Army Officer Cleared of Meth Charge

Army O-3 tested positive on a urinalysis test for methamphetamine.  Upon our advice, she refused nonjudicial punishment and demanded trial by court-martial.  At her subsequent General Court-Martial, JAG Defense attacked the credibility of the urinalysis program, showing numerous errors that occurred on the day of our client’s collection. The member panel deliberated for less than 30 minutes. Result: Without even having to testify, our client was found NOT GUILTY of wrongful methamphetamine use.

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Poppyseeds Cause Rare Codeine Test Result

A Navy Chief Petty Officer tested positive on random urinalysis test for codeine.  He was taken to Captain’s Mast and found guilty.  Subsequently, he retained the services of JAG Defense to represent him at his discharge board.  During our investigation into the circumstances surrounding the test, JAG Defense discovered that our client consumed multiple poppyseed muffins prior to the urinalysis test.  Traditionally, poppyseeds will cause someone to test positive for morphine, but not codeine. Working with an expert in forensic toxicology, JAG Defense discovered evidence that a new strain of poppyseed has been shown to make users test positive for codeine instead of morphine.  At our client’s subsequent discharge board, the government expert from the DoD drug testing laboratory admitted on cross-examination that the laboratory had seen a recent uptick in codeine tests, and that this increase was likely due to this new strain of “codeine-heavy” poppyseeds being introduced into the U.S. market. The board voted unanimously that NO MISCONDUCT occurred and RETAINED our client.  Following the board, JAG Defense petitioned the Commanding Officer to set aside our client’s Captain’s Mast in light of the evidence presented at the board.  The Commanding Officer agreed, set aside the previously imposed Captain’s Mast, and restored all rights and privileges that had been negatively affected by the entire process.  

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December 2022

U.S. Army O-3 General Court-Martial, Fort Hood, TX
Result: Full Acquittal

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