Senior government employee overcomes flawed Agency Investigation and saves clearance by rebutting allegations against the employee

MIDDLE ATLANTIC:  Client senior Federal Government employee was terminated from position and faced loss of security clearance under Adjudicative Guideline E – Personal Conduct, as result of highly publicized Agency investigation report “substantiating” misuse of position, abuse of authority, engaging in prohibited personnel practices, failure to provide proper contract oversight, and failure to properly fulfill duties as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative.  Working closely with the law firm of Gary Gilbert and Associates, which represented client in employment law litigation aspect of case; and having documented the actual facts of the case – as opposed to the Agency investigation report’s unsubstantiated findings – in a 20,000 page plus administrative Exhibit record, after presenting an overwhelmingly strong case to rebut the Agency findings the Administrative Judge from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals found FOR THE APPLICANT and granted the clearance.