Sexual Assault Charges Withdrawn and Dismissed Against Coast Guard Petty Officer

Coast Guard E-5 was charged with sexually assaulting a female co-worker.  After excessive drinking at an off-base party, our client was videotaped and photographed with the alleged victim in the bathroom, helping her to stand and holding her hair back while she vomited.  There were also pictures of the alleged victim passed out with her head on the toilet.  After numerous people assisted in carrying the alleged victim to a guest bedroom, our client returned to the party.  Approximately 20 minutes later, our client was found in the alleged victim’s bed with her.  Neither of them were wearing pants.  The next morning, the alleged victim had no recollection of our client being discovered in her bedroom.  Our client was charged with sexual assault and attempted rape due to the alleged victim’s intoxication level.  Despite the significant evidence against our client, JAG Defense was successful in negotiating a pretrial agreement wherein the sexual assault charges against our client were WITHDRAWN and DISMISSED.  Result: No punitive discharge and no sex offender registration.